zondag 6 maart 2016

Sunday Stamps: Women

Today's Sunday Stamps theme is 'women'. One of my favourite stamps theme :-)

In 2013 Dutch PostNL has issued an interesting stamp sheet on women in Dutch history. I won't post it here today, because Eva already shows some of this sheet (don't forget to check the links she mentioned in her blog post of today!).

Instead I'll show a few more of my favourites:

From the USA this beautiful stamp in honour of Maya Angelou. I didn't know her until I received this wonderful stamp with a wonderful and so true quote:

Today it's 6th of March, two days left for International Women's Day 2016.
Thanks to Eva I received this great stamp from Spain, issued in honour of International Women's Day:

A stamp which I post here in honour of all zillions of women who worked and are working hard to earn their and their families' living, but who almost always are forgotten, or at least hardly mentioned, in 'official history'. This beautiful picture is from Indonesia:

Also in the history of art many male artists are much more well-known than female artists. Of course I am very happy to know the excellent works of Rembrandt, Munch, Hopper, Vermeer, Rodin, Picasso and many others.
However it is not thanks to my history-of-art books but thanks to the Postal companies that I got to know some of these great female painters:

Mary Cassatt:

Judith Leijster:

Finally a pretty stamp from Turkey:

See more stamps in honour of women on Sunday Stamps and the links mentioned there!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Great choices Heleen. I especially like the Indonesian stamp.

  2. wow, so many beautiful stamps here! And now that you have pointed out, yes, indeed it is mainly male artists that are like well-known and so much little credit is given to the female ones...frankly, in my attempt to name some, only Frida Kahlo came to mind....

    1. Thank you for your comment, Ana! Oh, yes, Frida Kahlo, she is an amazing artist! I guess there must have been many other Mexican and Latin-American/American artists, but she's the only one I know, too..

      Concerning Dutch painters, Charley Toorop is the first to come to my mind, but as far as I know there are no stamps of her.
      However PostNL did honour some more female artists: Charlotte Dumas (photographer, a recently issued sheet of 10 stamps showing animal portraits by her); Marlene Dumas (one stamp on a 10 stamps sheet for the Stedelijk Museum of Modern art) and Maria van Oosterwijck (one stamp on the sheet of which Eva showed some others in her Mailadventures blog of today).

  3. A nice variety of stamps. The only female artist I can remember featuring on a GB stamp is Bridget Riley.

  4. I love your selection.
    I have also known Maya Angelou thanks to this stamps (but I haven't received this in person).
    The design of that Spanish stamp is not my favourite. However, I'd like Correos issues more stamps of women other that the Virgin Mary for Christmas :(

  5. It's nice to see Judith Leyster included