woensdag 9 maart 2016

In: from Morocco

One of the many advantages of snail mail is that it brings you so much knowledge! Not only via postage stamps, but for instance also this postcard has me learn new things about ancient times.
The city where I grew up, Nijmegen, had been founded by the Romans circa 2000 years ago. So already since my childhood we became familiar with Roman things (e.g. during school trips we saw Roman objects in the former Museum Kam, nowadays these are in the Valkhof museum). And - also thanks to the Asterix albums :-) - I knew that the Romans have been travelling to the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. But new to me, is that the Romans also have been living in present-day Morocco.
Thanks to this postcard, sent by Eva, I learned that they have been living in the area Chellah / Sala Colonia, south of present-day Rabat.
Here you can find ruins of Roman buildings, and also of later - in medieval times - constructed buildings. This card shows two views of Chellah necropolis, and the picture bottom right shows Rabat.

And can you see the storks on top of the tower? Eva wrote that there are about 75 stork nests in this area. Amazing, I think.

On the back side this round stamp, with a matching postmark:

Thank you very much, Eva!

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Heleen! Chellah is really a beautiful and peaceful place, I'm glad we went there. And the sound of storks, yes, it's really amazing!