zondag 13 maart 2016

Sunday Stamps: Health & welfare

Today's Sunday Stamps theme is 'Health and welfare'.

The first stamp concerns health and disease. It was issued in 1978 and I like the cartoonish design, made by the famous (in our country) cartoonist Opland.

The text says 'donornieren redden levens': 'donor kidneys save lives'. Which is a plea for healthy people to register themselves as a donor, because registering does not happen automatically in our country (which is the case in, for example, our neighbouring country Belgium) and there's always shortage of donor organs.

I was pleased to read that Violet combined the themes 'health' and 'welfare' in today's Sunday Stamps. I think they are much related to each other.
'Health' not only is the absence of disease, but also a state of well-being, be it that the old WHO definition of health as complete wellbeing is no longer fit for purpose given the rise of chronic diseases.
That is where 'welfare' comes in!

These three 'ouderenpostzegels' ('elderly stamps') were issued in dedication to the 'welfare of the elderly' theme. A 'telephone circle', connects people and can help in practical things, in checking whether the elder person is o.k. or in need of help, and also can help against loneliness. In future I expect things to go digital, but at this moment for a lot of people contacts via telephone still are contributing to welfare.

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love these stamps. I've received the first one (from you, of course), and maybe one of the elderly people.
    Like your reflection about wellbeing too.

  2. That is a very jolly kidney donor. Registering as a organ donor in the UK also is not automatic; they keep discussing whether it should be compulsory.

  3. that is a great thing about the welfare for the elderly! I am not sure how that would look like in a digital form though...but talking to them on the phone really helps a lot since often they are just alone and lonely and need such touch with the others!

    It is funny you know, Ive worked a lot with things related to animal welfare and it is amazing how much attention is being paid to it...at least on paper...but it often seems that human welfare is forgotten or neglected...=/

  4. Yes, the elderly do seem to be in a lot of danger of becoming the forgotten generation, and these stamps are great. Love the happy kidney man, too.

  5. Organ donations are and important issue so reminders like this stamp can only do good. I have reached an age where I have to renew my driving licence every three years - the online application process requires you to indicate whether you wish to be an organ donor.