zondag 25 juni 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: Iconic persons

This weekend the Postcards for the Weekend theme is 'an iconic person'.

I had to think a lot about this theme. Of course I have certain thoughts and feelings, concerning the word 'iconic'. But I thought it good to first look for the official definition:

Definition of iconic
1: of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an icon
2: a : widely recognized and well-established an iconic brand name
b : widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence, for example an iconic writer, a region's iconic wines

Hmm, iconic people.. Who to choose.. A famous actor/actress, a scientist, a politician?

'Iconic' to my opinion also has some mystery in it. A contemporary artist who by my interpretation of the definition of 'iconic' matches most to this weekend's theme, is Banksy. He (or she? or they?) makes strong statements, in places all-over the world. And succeeds in keeping a mystery meanwhile.
Recently I read an article in which was said the identity is revealed, but I choose to respect Banksy's wish for privacy, for being Banksy: incognito and iconic.

So, no photo of Bansky himself (or herself, or themselves?), but some of his iconic works.

This man, throwing flowers instead of stones, to me is a real iconic person, too:

These postcards I have sent out for Postcrossing. I had made them from pictures, downloaded from Banksy's website some years ago. To me all these images are iconic, and definitely my favourite ones.

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maandag 19 juni 2017

Sunday Stamps: Weather

This time the Sunday Stamps theme is ' Weather'.

On 31 January 2004 Dutch Post, then named TPG Post, issued a stamp sheet in honour of the 150th anniversary of the KNMI.

The KNMI, 'Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut', in English 'Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute', is the Dutch national weather service. The tasks of KNMI are weather forecasting, and monitoring / researching / providing information concerning the weather, climate, air quality and seismology.

Until recently I had a complete stamp sheet, but alas (?) I am using the stamps for outgoing mail. So now I only can show you these remaining stamps:

The stamps themselves are similar (that is, the 'regen' = rain stamps, and 'zon'= sun stamps, all including a map of our country and rainbows). However, for this Sunday Stamps' theme the selvage is interesting, too, as it tells about temperature records (the selvage on the left) and about weather types.
Fortunately I found a picture of the complete sheet on the internet (see below) on which I could find the missing weather:

onweer = thunderstorm
buien = showers
wind = wind
sneeuw = snow
hagel = hail

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zaterdag 17 juni 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: Historic sites / buildings

This weekend's Postcards for the Weekend's' theme is 'Historic sites / Buildings'.

I always thought that water pumping windmills were a typical feature of the Netherlands, as much of the land (polder) has been made by water management. Until Johm sent me this postcard, showing the Hunsett Mill, a draingae mill at the River Ant in the English county of Norfolk. The present mill has been constructed in 1860, although there has been an earlier mill on the site since 1698.
This present mill was used for water pumping functions until approximately 1910.

In the Netherlands there are many mills. too. Some used to be used for grinding grain, others for sawing wood. And similar to the mill shown above, many mills have been used to keep the land dry.
The most wellknown is this serie of 19 windmills in Kinderdijk, built around 1740 and now a UNESCO world heritage site:

Although famous and attracting visitors worldwide, I never had visited Kinderdijk until a few years ago. And despite of the many tourists at that time, I thought it a relaxed, nice place.

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donderdag 15 juni 2017

In: from Morocco (and Taiwan)

Pretty mail from Eva! The postcard shows a photo, made by Chie from Taiwan, and although originally made for Eva, Eva forwarded it to me, because I love wind turbines.

And I received a so-called 'blanco negro gris' - 'black white grey' letter, as a successor of a beautiful rainbow coloured letter (which I still have to post).
Eva added these two great animal illustrations to her kind words:



Both postcard and letter arrived the same day, on the 13th of June. However, they must have been sent on different days, as the letter's postmark says 17 May, and the postcard's postmark 5th of (May of June?).

Thank you very much, Eva!

woensdag 14 juni 2017

In: from the USA

Both FinnBadger and Eva completed the 'A to Z challenge' in April, a wonderful and amazing achievement. For that reason I sent them a special 'A to Z' congratulations mail (see Eva's and FinnBadger's blog).

On my turn I felt lucky, not only by enjoying the forementioned blogs, but also by all kinds of kind and beautiful mail, both FinnBadger and Eva send to me.
As I like typography (and civil airplanes), and there happened to be a matching magazine cover, FinnBadger surprised me by sending this great A-Z envelope.
By the way, do you notice that the airplane on the stamp is flying upside down?

In the envelope a card showing one of my other favourite themes, being born in the Year of the Dragon: a YotD-Dragon!

Thank you very much, FinnBadger!

zondag 4 juni 2017

Sunday stamps: Fonts

This Sunday the theme of Sunday Stamps is 'fonts'.

From my early teens on I loved typography. As a volunteer to our school magazine I drew existing fonts in the margins of my exercise books and I tried to invent new fonts. We didn't have computers at that time, and rub-ons were to expensive for us as a scholar, so the other volunteers were happy with my drawn typography, and I was in my element.

On this blog I did show some stamps labeled 'typography' before. For today I like to share some newly received stamps.
In general I prefer to see (and to draw!) printed characters, especially sans serif fonts like 'good old' helvetica and the newer one calibri.
In contrary, the stamps I show today happen to appear handwritten:

From Greece, part of a four stamps set issued in 2016, themed 'Year of Greece in Russia':

From Hungary, one out of four stamps issued 'for youth 2013'. In that year author and poet Sándor Weöres was born 100 years ago. His work 'Bóbita' he wrote in 1955:

A curly one from the USA:

And here some printed letter types, the stamp text in serif, and a sans serif postmark:

Finally some numbers, designed by typographist and letter artist Walter Nikkels:

See more fonts and accompanying interesting information at and via today's Sunday Stamps blog.

Postcard from last weekend: street view

Due to personal circumstances (among others, see my recent blog post about pet stamps) I missed the previous weekend's Postcards for the Weekend.
The theme was 'Street scenes', a theme I love. So still it inspires me to share postcards.

These postcards show two typical Dutch common street scenes. Be it that the scene shown above is common in four cities only: besides Amsterdam there are trams in Utrecht, Den Haag/the Hague and Rotterdam (plus a few neighbouring towns). In the past there have been more tram cities, but in the majority of them alas trams have disappeared from the streets. As I love public transport, I of course am happy that we're still able to catch the tram in present days.

The other street scene is common, too. Many Dutch travel to school, study, work by bicycle. And every now and then (fortunately not so often) you can see bicyclists stop in the middel of the street. Fortunately there are many good cycle paths besides the roads.
Helmets are not obliged for bicyclists, so most Dutch - including me - ride the bike without them, when riding the bike in daily life. Only sport bicyclists (bicycle racing, mounain biking) do wear a helmet.

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woensdag 31 mei 2017

In: from the USA (and a little bit from Sweden)

At first sight I thought FinnBadger had sent me common sunflowers. Of course they are, but they are located in a special place and represent some history. Fort Ancient is an archaelogical park / museum, and the name of a Native American people.
According to the text on the backside this photo has been made by the Ohio Historical Society, and the sunflowers stand watch over the museum's re-created prehistoric Indian garden. Other plantings include knotweed, goosefoot and other vegetation, consumed or used by prehistoric cultures.

On the envelope FinnBadger added a special and amazing range of stamps: alle related to this famous actress, and gathered from two countries!

Thank you very much, FinnBadger!

maandag 29 mei 2017

Sunday stamps: Pets

This Sunday Stamps' theme is 'Pets'.

I would have loved to show two stamps about cavias (guinea pigs), because we had two cavias at home. Alas I must say 'had', because one of our dear house members, cavia Cato, sadly has passed away last Friday. Thus widowing her companion Senior.

As far as I know I've seen only two cavia stamps. Due to some suboptimal functioning desktop/scanner I cannot scan them for this Sunday's post. But fortunately there also are links to them:
- One cavia stamp is part of a recently issued USPS stamp sheet. Fortunately FinnBadger has showed this beautiful stamp on his website, click here to find it.
- The other is a personalized stamp, I made via PostNL 'personal stamps' website of our very first, also late, cavia Snuitje. You can find the stamp sheet on bottom of a previous post about pets in 2014 (click here).

Meanwhile I had the following 'chaincards' already scanned. The theme of this chaincard project also was 'pets', and the cards traveled via Netherlands, Taiwan, Azerbeidjzan, Singapore, Russia. It gives a nice insight in which animals are considered pets worldwide: especially the Singaporese and Taiwanese stamps surprised me, as most Dutch have cats, dogs, rodents and goldfish or guppys as pets. About the horse stamps was some discussion, whether they are pets or not, but because we liked the images too, they also were approved to use for the ones who wanted them.

The card shown above is from the Russian member, and returned home after I had added my stamps.

This card was mine, arriving home after having been traveling through all mentioned countries.

And the following card - from the Singaporese member - took a lot of extra travel time. The rubberstamp print tells us all about the adventurous reason why:

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zondag 21 mei 2017

Sunday Stamps: Photography

Today's Sunday Stamps theme is 'Photography'.

Photos are used often on stamps, but photography as an art in itself seems to be rarely used in the tiny traveling postage pictures.
Fortunately I found stamps dedicated to three Dutch photographers. Who, by the way, have been traveling all-over the world to take their pictures.

Charlotte Dumas (Vlaardingen, 1977) is one of my favourite Dutch photographers, because of her photos of animals, portrayed in a personal way. I had never heard of her, neither seen her work, until PostNL issued this stamp sheet of 'animals with a story' in 2015. In the selvages you can find the names of the animals, and read some more info (in Dutch).

In 2014 the five 'children's welfare stamps' ('Kinderpostzegels') stamp sheet shows pieces of art, depicting children. The artwork is part of the collection of the Rijksmuseum (the National Museum). Four stamps show paintings, and the fifth one, twice as much larger than the other four, show this photo:

The photographer is Maya Pejić (The Hague, 1935). The boy pictured is making some amazing manoeuvre on his skateboard in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam.
Some more information (in Dutch) about the photographer you can find on the website of the IISG (International Institute of Social History), and many more pictures you can find via google.

An other stamp sheet, completely dedicated to a photographer, is this sheet, issued last year in honour of Ed van der Elsken (Amsterdam, 1926 - Edam, 1990).
Personally I wasn't that interested in these stamps, due to the photos and the tiny size of these, but reading something more about the background (alas in Dutch only ,too) they became interesting for me though.

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woensdag 17 mei 2017

In: from Taiwan

This owl postcard in real is even more beautiful: you can feel the printing ink, and not only the golden 25 is shining, but some parts of the owl and branch do, too.
The postcard has been issued for the 30th Asian International Stamp Exhibition 2015.

Received from Lena from Taiwan.

She added these interesting colourful stamps.

Thank you very much, Lena!

dinsdag 16 mei 2017

In: from the UN and the US

It is fascinating to see how Finnbadger manages to send mail from... er, as many countries as the United Nations do count!

The stamps show three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the successor of the eight Millenium Goals (which alas haven't been accomplished in 2015).

Inside the envelope, besides a kind message from the sender, a vintage written back of a postcard, and this wonderful mailbox collage by Craftgasm.

Thank you very much, Finnbadger!

zondag 30 april 2017

Sunday Stamps: Kings and Queens

Today's theme of Sunday Stamps is 'Kings and Queens'. And until 4 years ago 30 April also happens to have been our national holiday, Koninginnedag or Queen's Day.

30 April was the birthday of former Dutch queen, Juliana, mother of the also former queen, now princess,
Beatrix. Beatrix' birthday is the 31st of January, and she didn't want the holiday to take place in winter. Also she wanted to honour her mother. So when she became queen, she chose to keep Queen's Day on the 30th of April.

In 2013 Beatrix retired and her son, Willem-Alexander, became king. He chose for the tradition to have the queen's/king's day take place on the queen's/king's birthday. In his case Queen's Day only had to move a few days: King's Day, WA's birthday, is the 27th of April, and last King's Day he celebrated his 50th b-day.

The definite queen's and king's stamps made me frown. There exist great bright photos of these people, but for the definite stamps they apparently chose for a bit colour-empty design.

The present definite King's stamp:

Previous definite stamps of Beatrix:

To show what nice other stamps could have been used as definite stamp, see for example this stamp sheet, issued for Willem-Alexander's 50th birthday last week:

The photos on top have been made by his father, late prince Claus.
I don't have this sheet at home yet, so this is the picture, downloaded from the PostNL webshop's site.

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vrijdag 28 april 2017

Sunday Stamps: windmills

Last Sunday, 23 April, the theme for Sunday Stamps was 'Windmills or lighthouses'. Alas I was out, and didn't have had time to schedule my blog post previously. Fortunately Violet had kept open the possibility to link so I just could add to the theme.

Dutch Post has issued several stamps on windmills. Among them this one, showing the windmills of Kinderdijk, a UNESCO world heritage site:

The stamp is part of a ten stamps sheet dedicated to UNESCO heritage.

A modern windmill, or wind turbine, is shown on the 2016 Europe stamps. The Dutch one is this:

I love this stamp, and also love the fact that all-over Europe, the same design was worked out in a slightly different way (size, edge/border, location of the texts, etcetera), as shows this tiny collection:

You can find a list of all 2016 Europe stamps via this link and see the stamps by clicking on the country's names.

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Postcards for the Weekend: Water

This weekend's theme for Postcards for the Weekend is 'Water in any form'.

A good opportunity to share this postcard, which Eva had sent me from Cádiz. I love bridges on postcards, and there where are bridges, most of the time there's water, of course.
And this multiview card shows a lot of water, in a variety of colours!

How nice to see stamps from the same city:

There is also water on maps. For example around the Wadden isle Texel (postcard sent to Eva),

The stamp I added shows more water around a kind of isle (in fact: a continent, Australia), water on a map:

Salt water from the sea on an illustration by Fiep Westendorp:

Fresh water from the air on this illustration of Kikker (Frog) by Max Velthuijs:

Check Postcards for the Weekend to find more postcards on the theme 'water'!

dinsdag 4 april 2017

In: from Spain (and the United Kingdom)

What do Morris Mouse and Harry Potter have in common?

They send/receive mail, they experience adventures...

...They can fly!...
(in apparently impossible ways)

... And they have been sent by Eva from Spain to the Netherlands!

The Mouse Mail caused some jolly way of canceling.

Thank you very much, Eva!