zaterdag 9 december 2017

Sunday Stamps: 'S' is for strips / stripverhaal and schaak

This weekend Sunday Stamps' theme is the letter 'S'.
In general I don't really collect postage stamps. 'What?' - I hear you say :-)
I mean, I'm not really looking for stamps or buying them to add them to my collection: as a 'passive' collector I just keep the stamps I receive, and of the Dutch stamps I buy for my outgoing mail I keep some mint ones if they show an interesting or pretty picture.
However, there are a few themes which I'm collecting in a more active way. The funny thing is that two of these themes start with an 'S' in Dutch, while both start with a 'C' in English.

A strip (plural: strips) in Dutch means comic(s) in English. Stripboek = comic book, stripverhaal = comic story.
Above you can see a stamp sheet which I was very happy to add to my strip stamps collection. The Asterix comics I already read in my childhood, and I still like to read them (and I think I've read all albums).
Although one might wonder if the stories maybe are against my non-violence principles. Strange enough I just recently realized how much assault and beating happens in the Asterix stories: not before reading a scientific article about traumatic brain injuries!..

Schaken is the other word I'd like to share today. The word 'schaken' looks plural and means 'playing chess'. The literal translation of 'schaakspel' (chess-play) refers to the board and chess pieces themselves. As a verb, 'schaken' means 'to play chess'.
In my collection there are several stamps on this theme, but due to lack of time I couldn't scan them to show you today. This first day cover from the Faroe Islands I've bought and scanned some time ago. The postmark shows my favourite chess piece: the paard. The Dutch name 'paard' literally means horse, we don't use the English translation of 'knight' which in fact means 'ridder'.

If you're into chess, I guess you immediately must have noted something peculiar in this chess stamp!

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zondag 3 december 2017

Postcards for the Weekend

This weekend the theme of Postcards for the Weekend is 'anything you wish'.

Coincidentally I received two cards from Eva this weekend (well, one on Friday and the other yesterday, Saturday), which is a good reason to post them now!

This postcard shows a flying object and I am not sure if it is a hot air balloon or zeppelin. Eva bought it in Amiens, France, the city where Jules Vernes has lived for many years.
I love the combination of the design of the flying object and the map - and stamps on top and airmail stripes on the right (wondering why most airmail envelopes have red and blue lines/chevrons?).

On the back side Eva added wonderful stamps, among them a clear hot air balloon:

Some other creatures who even knew how to fly long before Jules Verne was thinking about it, appear on this postcard:

The postcard is titled 'Reality', from a book named 'ABC Photography', and the photo itself is titled 'Sustenance 114', made by Neeta Madahar in 2003.

On the back side an other wonderful stamp, showing a rooster and a hen in a stained glass window. They represent the legend of the Miracle of Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

Thank you very much, Eva!

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zaterdag 2 december 2017

Sunday Stamps: "R" is for rolstoel, regen and regenboog

Today Sunday Stamps are dedicated to the letter 'R'.

While the Dutch word 'Rolstoel' refers to its function ('rolstoel' literally means 'roll(ing) chair'), the English word refers to its appearance: 'wiel stoel' or 'wheel chair'.

Rolstoelen are good solutions for people who have lost the ability to walk. However, this stamp shows that there still are thresholds to overcome, both literal and figurative (social, administrative, financial, psychological) obstacles, once you become dependent on this mobility equipment:

Despite of the obstacles, people manage to practice sports on high level, for instance wheelchair tennis. Dutch Post has dedicated at least two stamps on rolstoel tennis players.

In 2009 a stamp sheet was issued on the theme 'attention for sports talent'. One of the talented tennis players is Aniek van Koot. Three years after this stamp has been issued, she won silver medals on the London Paralympics, and in 2013 she won the US Open:

In 2012 Dutch PostNL issued a stamp sheet in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Dutch Olympic Committee / Dutch Sports Federation NOC*NSF. One of the stamps from this 10 stamps sheet shows Esther Vergeer, who has been the number one in rolstoeltennis for many years:

From Ukraine I received this pretty stamp, showing a woman in a rolstoel. So to see a robijn (ruby) is handed to her:

And you might have noted it in the previous stamp: there is a regenboog (rainbow)!
Regenbogen appear when there is sun (zon) and regen (rain) at the same time. This combination you can see on these stamps, issued in 2004 for the 150th anniversary of the KNMI, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute:

In case the legs and feet function but the hands function less, sometimes it is possible to use the feet for manual tasks. This foot painter also pictured a regenboog:

The regenboogvlag - rainbow flag - is know in many countries as a sign of diversity and tolerance.

Canadian Post issued this regenboogvlag stamp, to celebrate the fact that two people who love each other can marry, no matter if they are male or female:

Some regenboog you can also see in the trousers of the man. These two stamps have been issued in 2016 in honour of the Europride, which took place in Amserdam in that year:

I just now realize that there is an other word starting with an 'R' in Dutch and not in English: 'Roze'!
Roze means pink - and 'pink' has a false friend: the Dutch word 'pink' is the fifth / little finger in English! :-)

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zondag 26 november 2017

Sunday Stamps: 'Q' is for Quiz, quote and Quichot

It was hard to find a Dutch word which not only is starting with the letter Q but which also appears on stamps!..

And I found two stamps, by which I would like to do a little quiz (yes, the word 'quiz' is the same in English and Dutch, be it that some people write 'kwis', but 'quiz' is usual Dutch, too).

So here is is, my quiz-question (answer on bottom): where are these countries located?

The Quindi Islands:

And the (United) Queendom of Retailia:

Before showing the answers I would like to share some other stamps:

This one contains a quote (and yes, also the word 'quote' is the same in both Dutch and English!). It is from the book 'Max Havelaar'. The quote 'ik groet u allen zeer' is a kind of old-fashioned way of saying goodbye:

On this stamp you can see an other famous character from literature. No quote, but the name of the character starts with a Q !
In Dutch he is known as Don Quichot, in Spanish Don (= Sir) Quixote or Quijote:

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... And where to find the Quindi Islands and the Queendom of Retailia?? I must confess I don't exactly know!.. But I think two colleague mail artists do know :-) Both stamps are so-called 'artistamps', also known as cinderella stamps or faux postage. Many artistamps origin from the country the mail artists are living in, and some artists create imaginary countries, which of course need postage, too.
Patrizia (also known as TicTac) has send me the artistamps from Quindi Islands from Germany. The heraldic snail mail snail stamp I created myself to send to Martha, also known as Mail Art Martha, because she is embassador (or perhaps queen?) of the United Queendom of Retailia.

zaterdag 25 november 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: Books, authors

This weekend the theme of Postcards for the Weekend is 'Books / reading / authors'.

Two weeks ago I received this pretty postcard from Eva, showing the cover of one of the many books written by Jules Verne, published by Hetzel. She had bought it at the Maison de Jules Verne in Amiens, the house where this famous writer has been living during 18 years.

On the back a matching stamp, of an other French writer: Joseph Peyré:

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zondag 19 november 2017

Sunday Stamps: 'P' is for Postzegel

The word postzegel is a 'must-know' for all of us: it means (postage) stamp!

The theme of this chaincard is 'postzegel in postzegel', 'stamp on stamp', and as you can see indeed these postzegels show postzegels. And an other stamp, but that stamp is, in Dutch, a 'stempel'.

The cute postslak (mail snail) has been created by Myrh Lee.

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zaterdag 18 november 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: Food and Beverage

This weekend the theme of Postcards for the Weekend is 'food and beverage'.

Recently I shared one of my two favourite beverages here (coffee with milk it is; my other favourite is plain water).
And Eva does not only provide me with tea and coffee, but she has also sent me food. Like this paella:

And a giant paella!

And on the back of the first paella Eva added this food stamp:

This is an outgoing postcard, showing Garfield and a cooking expert surrounded by cake (and vegetables):

A typical Dutch dish is 'stamppot boerenkool', made of kale and mashed potatoes:

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In: from Spain, France, Morocco

Today Sinterklaas aka Saint Nicolas arrived in Friesland, the northern part of the Netherlands, after a long trip by steam boat from Spain. And tomorrow he will visit Amsterdam, our capital.
However.. Already yesterday the Sint arrived in my mailbox! Not with his horse Amerigo, but accompanied by a lovely Donkey. And not from Spain, as he did today, but from France, via Morocco!

As proven by this wonderful tree stamp:

Thank you very much, Eva!

zondag 12 november 2017

Sunday Stamps: 'O' is for olijf, otter and origami olifant

Today the O is on turn for Sunday Stamps.

That means:

Olijf (plural: olijven), on a joint issue, Greece - China (click to enlarge):

An otter:

And an origami olifant - or in fact: two origami olifanten:

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donderdag 9 november 2017

In: from Germany

Do you remember the little Mole ('Molletje' in Dutch, 'Krtek' in Czech, the language of origin)?
I used to watch him and his friends on tv when I was a child. And fortunately this clever, environment-friendly critter is back, be it on DVD, YouTube, and on postcards nowadays :-)

This postcard and the surprising additional card I received from Margit from Germany.

On the envelope she added this pretty se-tenant stamp, and German Post added a pretty music postmark:

Thank you very much, vielen Dank, Margit!

woensdag 8 november 2017

In: from France

I love comics-like illustrations, and I love lighthouses on postcards, so I was delighted to find this postcard in my mailbox, sent from France by Eva.
This is the bateau feu (French for lighthouse ship) Sandettié, named after the sand bank in the North Sea between France and the United Kingdom. A newer version, the Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic nowadays is used as a weather station.

Thank you very much, Eva!

maandag 6 november 2017

Sunday Stamps: 'N' is for neus, neushoorn and nijlpaard

The first Sunday of the month November, Sunday Stamps is dedicated to the letter 'N'.

A peculiar stamp I received from Ireland is one, showing a neus (nose in English).
It is part of a serie about the five traditional human senses.

And thinking of neuzen (neus plural), we think of neushoorns (rhinoceros in English).
Dutch Post has issued two stamp sheets in honour of the annniversaries of two Zoo's.

These neushoorns live in the city of Arnhem, in Burgers Zoo, where the little one has been born:

And this neushoorn lives in Blijdorp, the Zoo of Rotterdam:

Speaking of the letter 'N', in the same zoo there is this nijlpaard. Literally 'Nile horse', which is more or less the same as the English word 'hippopotamos', which is from Latin language, meaning 'horse of the river'.

It is hard to explain in words how you have to pronounce the diphthongs 'eu' and 'ij'. I think there is no equivalent in English for these. While during hearing and speaking the distinction is important, because of the different meanings, for instance of the words 'kijken' (to look) and 'keuken' (kitchen). Google.translate gives a good pronounciation of 'neus' (click on the loudspeaker under the translation), and I tried to combine some words with 'ij' (click on the loudspeaker). From a previous post you might remember the 'ei' has the same sound as 'ij' :-)

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vrijdag 3 november 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: Anything you wish

This weekend's Postcard for the Weekend theme is 'Anything you wish'.

The following postcard I've held in my hands for just one day, and it caused a big smile on my face.
It had been traveling for some time already, as you see (great postmarks, don't you think so?). Being a so-called 'chaincard' it was in transit: the owner was someone else, so after its arrival I added matching stamps to the back of the card, and forwarded it to the next receiver, so that the card finally will come home at the first sender's place.

I had to read the text twice, three times, before I caught the essence, and then the big smile of recognition appeared and this postcard turned into one of my favourites. The wish, (un)spoken, is actual in the present stage in my life. For example, at the moment that this card arrived, my kids had autumn holidays, and I was supposed to have a few days off from work, too. But despite of my 'vacation', I wasn't 'off' really. No time to sit on the couch when coming home from work, because all daily tasks have to be done first.

I think illustrator Fiep Westendorp has shown this problem - many multitasking moms/workers will know - well in some of her cartoons, which she made in the 50-ies and 60-ies of the previous century for the newspaper Parool.
For example this postcard, one of my favourite Fiep drawings, too:

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donderdag 2 november 2017

In: from the United Kingdom

Last Sunday I posted some 'molens', (wind)mills. Some weeks earlier I received this beautiful windmill card from John. It is named the Argos Hill Windmill and is located near Rotherfield.

On the back John added great stamps, showing Ladybird (children's) books. The now London-based Ladybird publishing company traces its origins to 1867.

As far as I know there is not a Dutch equivalent of Ladybird Books. I remember several Dutch publishing houses, but none of them is specialized in children's books, and they are not as widespread / monopolist in our country as were/are Penguin, Puffin and Ladybird books in the UK. Except for the 'Gouden Boekjes', but as far as I know the 'Little Golden Books' have their origins in the USA.
I read these Little Golden Books in a translated version in my childhood (Among them this one).
The first publisher of the Dutch Golden Booklets, 'Bezige Bij', also published books for grown-ups. The logo, however, matches more or less with the Ladybird logo: 'Bezige Bij' means 'Busy Bee' :-)

Thank you very much, John!

woensdag 1 november 2017

In: from Romania

With Nora, who is from Singapore and lives in Germany, I've joined a few chaincard projects. To my surprise she was in Romania and sent me this pretty postcard.
On the back nice postmarks, and a stamp showing cactus - the first cactus stamp I've ever had in hands!

Thank you very much, Nora!

maandag 30 oktober 2017

Sunday Stamps: 'M' is for milieuvriendelijk and molen

For Sunday Stamps' letter 'M' I chose a long word, however, in English it is even longer. An important subject, to my opinion: milieuvriendelijk.
In English: enviromentally friendly (milieu = environment, friendly = vriendelijk).

While on one hand we, humans, are polluting our world by consumption, traveling, etcetera, on the other hand fortunately more and more people are aware of the fact that we should take care of our earth. To stop polluting, to recycle waste, to consume less and to not use up the earth's resources.
There still is a long way to go. And on this long way there are some bright spots. For instance the fact that several postal services from all-over the world have issued stamps to spread the awareness.

This chaincard arrived home with stamps from six countries! South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Australia and the Netherlands:

In Europe many environmentally friendly stamps have been issued last year, for the theme of the 2016 Europe Stamps was 'Think Green'. I've posted some of these here in April. And I was happy to receive some more since then, like this Europe 2016 stamp from Slovakia:

And these, from Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia (and you can see the other - of two - Dutch Think Green stamp),

The Irish 'Minecraft'-like stamp still fascinates me:

This stamp from Serbia is one of my favourite 'milieuvriendelijke' stamps. Alas I had it in hands just for one day, because I had to forward it to someone else, and the sender from Serbia didn't have any more of these. Fortunately I could scan it and show it to you:

On many of the Europe 2016 'Think Green' stamps you see a wind turbine. In Dutch we name them 'windmolen' (plural 'windmolens'), or windturbine. The older type of windmills we name 'windmolen', too, although most of the time the simple name 'molen' is used for them.

The Netherlands are well-known for its molens. But of course you know that molens can be find anywhere in the world, like these pretty stamps are proofing. I received them from John from the United Kingdom:

The one on the stamp on the left we tend to name 'watermolen' instead of simply 'molen'. But the front side of the card shows a lot more molens:

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