zaterdag 9 december 2017

Sunday Stamps: 'S' is for strips / stripverhaal and schaak

This weekend Sunday Stamps' theme is the letter 'S'.
In general I don't really collect postage stamps. 'What?' - I hear you say :-)
I mean, I'm not really looking for stamps or buying them to add them to my collection: as a 'passive' collector I just keep the stamps I receive, and of the Dutch stamps I buy for my outgoing mail I keep some mint ones if they show an interesting or pretty picture.
However, there are a few themes which I'm collecting in a more active way. The funny thing is that two of these themes start with an 'S' in Dutch, while both start with a 'C' in English.

A strip (plural: strips) in Dutch means comic(s) in English. Stripboek = comic book, stripverhaal = comic story.
Above you can see a stamp sheet which I was very happy to add to my strip stamps collection. The Asterix comics I already read in my childhood, and I still like to read them (and I think I've read all albums).
Although one might wonder if the stories maybe are against my non-violence principles. Strange enough I just recently realized how much assault and beating happens in the Asterix stories: not before reading a scientific article about traumatic brain injuries!..

Schaken is the other word I'd like to share today. The word 'schaken' looks plural and means 'playing chess'. The literal translation of 'schaakspel' (chess-play) refers to the board and chess pieces themselves. As a verb, 'schaken' means 'to play chess'.
In my collection there are several stamps on this theme, but due to lack of time I couldn't scan them to show you today. This first day cover from the Faroe Islands I've bought and scanned some time ago. The postmark shows my favourite chess piece: the paard. The Dutch name 'paard' literally means horse, we don't use the English translation of 'knight' which in fact means 'ridder'.

If you're into chess, I guess you immediately must have noted something peculiar in this chess stamp!

See more stamps on the letter 'S' at and via today's Sunday Stamps!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. So I'm a "collector" the same as you. The only stamps that sometimes I (we) buy mint, to collect, are lighthouse stamps. Often when we travel to another country. I prefer the stamps that have travelled because... what are stamps made for?

    I can't remember a lot of stamps about chess, but I'll keep an eye on them! :D

  2. The stamp sheet could keep one amused for hours, I love all the detail.

  3. Interesting that 'strips' means comics. And in English they are also called 'comic strips'.

  4. Fine Asterix sheet indeed. I still enjoy the comic strips that still appear in some British newspapers.

  5. Hi Heleen, Very interesting post. I think you have two “firsts” for me. 1. My first time to ever see a stamp with a chess figure on it. I especially like it because, during my career as a high school teacher, I had occasion to be advisor to our Chess Club for a couple of years. 2. My first time to see a “stamp sheet” with different postage amounts on the sheet. Here in USA we always have the same postage amount on one sheet. I like the Dutch take on things. Very cool. Thank you, as always, for sharing. John