vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

Postcards for the Weekend: reflections on water

Thanks to a comment from Maria on one of my Sunday Stamps blog posts, I learned to know her great project 'Postcards for the Weekend'.

Usually I don't scan my incoming postcards, except for the few I'm posting on this blog. In contrary, most of my outgoing postcrossing postcards I did scan. If you don't mind that I'm also posting outgoing postcards for weekends (as I don't always have the opportunity to scan my received postcards), I will happily join!

This weekend's theme is 'Reflections on water'.

I've sent this, little reflected, hippopotamus to a hippopotamus loving postcrosser:

And this typical Dutch scenery (well, ice is not so common anymore since years), now is in hands of a postcrosser in Taiwan. The mills you see belong to the windmills of Kinderdijk:

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woensdag 12 oktober 2016

In: from Morocco

I love birds and I love (living) fish. Eva made my day by sending this card, showing on the back a matching fish stamp, and in front an unusual view: of many birds (but it seems that the sea gulls prefer eatable fish).

The photo also shows part of the 500 years old walls of the city Essaouira. The name 'Essaouira' comes from the Tamazight word 'Tassort' which means (small) wall. The city's former name is 'Mogador'. Nowadays it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Thank you very much, Eva!

zondag 2 oktober 2016

Sunday Stamps: Birds

Sunday 2 October it is Sunday Stamps time again!
The theme is 'Birds', and I think our feathered friends always making a nice theme.

I'd like to show you the stamps on my recent 'chaincard', which has been traveling between the Netherlands, Canada, Thailand and Hong Kong (click to enlarge):

On top you can see my card before the sparrow flew out. And below you can see the influence of a journey over three continents. Apart from some postmark ink, the sparrow arrived rather well!

One of the other chaincard fellows will receive these stamps (I love the puffin and crow stamp!),

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maandag 26 september 2016

Sunday Stamps: Orange

This Sunday's theme of Sunday Stamps is 'Orange, yellow'.

The stamp which immediately came into mind, because it shows much yellow and even more orange, is this painting by famous painter Mark Rothko:

Pretty orange backgrounds are shown in the following two stamps, both happen to connect two countries:

The Monaco and Morrocan flag on this joint issue stamp from Morocco, and a lot of orange under the book:

From Thailand, orange behind a mailbox from Myanmar:

Almost monochromatic are these two stamps, issued on a ten stamp sheet in honour of Dutch letter writers:

The man pictured is Leo Vroman (1915-2014), a Dutch-American writer, hematologist (the book I've read is an autobiography, also about blood), poet, illustrator.

Finally a stamp which I like to share, is this one from Spain, showing a dear object. Which raises the question: is it orange or is it yellow?!

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zaterdag 24 september 2016

In: from Italy/Austria and Hungary

So much to learn by a single postcard! I always thought that Tirol and the Dolomites were located in Austria. The text in front of the card didn't give a clue: as the first words have been written in German I was confirmed in my thoughts. The stamps made the confusion complete, as they are Hungarian. Finally, thanks to wikipedia I learned that since many years the Dolomites are part of Italy. And in 2009 they were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Many thanks to Micu who has send me this beautiful view. As the post offices were closed at the moment she was there, she finally sent me the card from Hungary. Which I think great, too, and I am happy with the wonderful stamps as well as the postmark from Budapest.
I had never heard of a world conference on disaster risk reduction, so that's an other item learned today!

Thank you very much, Micu!

maandag 19 september 2016

Sunday Stamps: Fruit

This Sunday's theme of Sunday Stamps is 'Fruit and Nuts'. Yummy!

Last month Dutch PostNL happens to have issued a stamp sheet showing 'historic' fruit, older types of apples and pears. Many of them have been decreased, because the high trees had to make place for other purposes. So nowadays the amount of cultivars is limited due to cultivation and economy, and most apple and pear trees in the Netherlands grow at so-called 'laagstam' = 'low trunk' (rootstock) trees. No doubt this has happened in other countries, too.
Alas I don't have this new sheet yet, but you can see it on the internet.

Instead I can show you a stamp sheet, issued in 2004 for children's welfare. Secretly I would love to see our fruits acting this way when we don't watch, but I guess this behaviour will remain imaginary:

Although spring is my favourite season, summer always makes me happy because my favourite fruit is available then: strawberries and cherries (and blueberries and raspberries you can count in, too!).
Strawberries have been pictured on a stamp by Ditch Post in the pre-Euro era. Here they are, along with many strawberry plants, and also there's a stamp showing an apple and (low trunk) apple trees:

More yummy, from Austria:

Other fresh summer fruits are melons. I used to name all of them just 'melon', but only a few years ago I learned that there are various types, easy to distinguish, like the water melon and the cantaloupe. Both have been pictured on pretty stamps, by Greek and US Post respectively:

From Germany come these two 'perfumed' stamps. I've received them many years ago, so the smell has gone, but the images of the apple and lemon still are fresh and fruity:

Thanks to globalization, also 'tropical' fruit reaches our colder country. In real, and fortunately also by stamps. For instance, on the right, this nice rambutan stamp from Malaysia:

The stamp on the left keeps me wondering why we name certain fruits 'vegetables' (like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins), while in fact they are the seed-bearing fruit part of a plant!..

See and enjoy more Fruit, and Nuts, on stamps at and via this Sunday's Sunday Stamps!

woensdag 14 september 2016

In: from Spain

Spain has a variety of landscapes. And as I've traveled only in the south east of the country, I am happy that my friends travel to other parts, too. Eva made me happy by sending, among others, these postcards.
Tabarca, a pretty island, accessible via the city Santa Pola, close to Alicante, I've visited during my stays in south east Spain. Great to see this island again, this time from a 'bird eye's' on a postcard!

Meadows with pigs are new to me. These Iberian fellows are more fortunate than their Dutch cousins, who in contrary are kept in small cages, many of them never seeing daylight. I hope one day Dutch farmers (and of course the pennywise, paying consumers) will follow the good example of the Spanish farmers.

On the back sides two well=known people, stamped by fresh new postmarks.

Thank you very much, moltes gràcies, Eva!