zondag 31 maart 2019

Sunday Stamps: F is for Feathers and Fountain pens

Today's Sunday Stamps theme is the letter 'F'.

I found some good old writing tools. The feathers might be hardly used anymore nowadays, in contrary to fountain pens, who have a lot of new fans.

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maandag 25 maart 2019

Sunday Stamps: E is for Envelope, Erwtjes and Embrace the Earth

Past Sunday's Sunday Stamps theme is/was the letter 'E'. As I was elsewhere, my contribution has a littlE dElay. But here they are:

Envelopes have been pictured on the 2008 Europa stamps (in the year two-thousand-Eight :-) )
For example on this Dutch Europa stamp:

And on the Russian Europa 2008 stamp a modern and classic version of an envelope:

Envelopes behind a modern communication medium (facilitating E-mail!) on the Europa stamp from Azerbeidjan:

Erwtjes, I think a funny Dutch word. It means 'tiny peas' (erwten is the normal plural form of the singular 'erwt'), and I was happily surprised when I saw erwtjes being honoured with a stamp from France:

The erwtjes came on a chaincard themed 'green'. And when thinking of 'green' I think of the Environment, and the need to protect it. So I also was happy to see this stamp on the card. Issued by Turkish Post, a beautiful symbolic way to show the importance of protecting the environment, to embrace the Earth.

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zondag 17 maart 2019

Sunday Stamps: D is for Darwin and Dragon

This time the Sunday Stamps' theme is the letter 'D'.
Yesterday I happened to have received a postcrossing postcard from Czech Republic, showing a stamp which matches to the theme:

Charles Darwin, I think he doesn't need any introduction, pictured on a stamp designed by graphic designer Pavel Dvorský.

Darwin was famous by his book 'On the origin of species'. However, despite of the resemblance with the little animal on the Czech stamp, I think no one exactly does know the origin of the following animals:

These stamps were issued in honour of the Year of the Dragon. To two of them some relief has been added, or, as we also say in Dutch, some diepte (depth):

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zondag 10 maart 2019

Sunday Stamps: C is for Chair and Couch

Today's theme for Sunday Stamps is the letter 'C'.

Coincidentally I received a chaincard back home yesterday. The card started its journey on 19 November 2018, and after traveling from the Netherlands to Germany, Hungary, China and Taiwan, it came back full of nice stamps.
As the theme was 'Furnitures', there appeared to be some matching stamps: chairs!

The front side of the card is matching, too! It shows contemporary art by Bill Viola, a video still titled 'Catherine's Room (panel 3)' (2001).

On some of the cards of my chaincard pals I didn't stick the same stamp shown on my card bottom right, but an other stamp from the Children's Stamps 2015 serie, showing a couch:

This time the words in Dutch don't start with a 'C':
chair = stoel
couch = bank (the 'a' pronounced as the 'a' in 'harvest' or 'calm')
coincidentally = toevallig
contemporary art = moderne kunst
card = kaart
chain = ketting
children's stamps = kinderpostzegels

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zondag 3 maart 2019

Sunday Stamps: B is for Bridge is Brug

Today's theme of Sunday Stamps is the letter 'B'.

Thanks to Eva I received this beautiful stamp, showing a bridge, 'brug' in Dutch.

Which happens to be no bridge at all, do you see that?

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zondag 18 februari 2018

Sunday Stamps: A is for Aletta Jacobs

Today the new Sunday Stamps alphabet is starting, with the letter 'A' of course.

In the previous alphabet my chosen theme was 'Dutch words stamps'. I was wondering what theme to choose now, or if I should maybe show random stamps.
Thanks to Eva's blog post of today I suddenly thought of 'people'.
And the stamp Eva showed, 'American Women' in general, reminded me of a certain Dutch woman who has played an important role: in becoming a university student and a medical doctor in times when women were not supposed to study, in supporting people who had a bad and poor life, and a main role for women in obtaining the right to vote.
Aletta Jacobs I'm talking about. I must confess that I don't have a stamp showing herself, but the stamp I have immediately reminds me of her. The stamp has been issued in honour of the women's right to vote. Maybe Aletta Jacobs shows up on the black and white photo in the upper part of this stamp?

In 1999 the Dutch Post issued a stamp sheet, themed 'highlights of the 20th century'. One of them is this stamp, dedicated to the obtained right to vote. So to see the woman on this stamp is not Aletta Jacobs, but anyhow the stamp is related:

On the internet I found this one and only stamp, a personalized one, showing her portrait:

Since a few years the archives of Aletta Jacobs are considered as world heritage, and in the UNESCO Memory of the World program.

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Postcards for the Weekend: Happiness, joy

This Postcards for the Weekend's theme is 'Happiness / Joy'.

This postcard show an object which brings a lot of joy:

As a mail lover you immediately know why :-)

In case of doubt: see what joyful Postcrossing stamps on the back side this postcard returned to me, after having traveled to Malaysia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and back to my country:

A person who brings much joy and happiness, too, is Krtek, or Molletje (Little Mole) as we name him in Dutch. Created by Czech animator Zdeněk Miler, Little Mole shows us how to live happy, with friends and in harmony with nature:

I see DawnTreader has chosen a happy Krtek postcard for this weekend, too, and I think one never will get enough of this friendly and smart mole. The Mole always gets nice solutions to everyday's problems. And even to big problems, as my favourite Little Mole movie proofs (Mole in the city - Molletje in de stad - Krtek ve městě). The Little Mole in the City movie follows the adventures of Krtek and his sidekicks Hedgehog and Rabbit as they head to the city after the forest, their home, has been taken over by industrialization.

Last but not least, there are two women who exactly know how to keep up happiness and joy, even at an elder age. Created by Finnish illustrator Inge Löök, they showed up on this postcard which landed in my mailbox yesterday and which caused a smile from ear to ear on my face, also for the back side.

I received it from Eva, and she suggested matching names for the two. Thanks a lot, Eva! I think I agree with you - be sure that a proper reply will be sent as soon as possible!

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