zondag 17 december 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: December holidays

This 'Postcards for the Weekend' theme is 'December holidays'.
Nowadays here in the Netherlands many people send x-mas and new year's wishes via email, whatsapp or other social media. However, still (folded) cards are sent, fortunately, too.

And fortunately people from other countries are sending nice wishes, too. I am happy to have received some from abroad recently:

From Shufen from Malaysia:

I think it funny that the card shows a horse, because the Dutch word for horse ('paard') rhymes with the Dutch word for card ('kaart'), and this way it is a christmas paard-kaart.

Elena from Belarus created the following pretty card. As I love music, I am happy she chose this music notes background:

On the colourful envelope an also colourful December stamp:

Also Hana Ehagaki creates wonderful cards. From Japan she sent me this Happy New Year wish, brought to us by this ウォッチドッグ, watchdog:

On the back a special postmark and an other interesting stamp print:

In our half of the world we think the 1st of January marks the New Year. You can ask yourself if that is a logical day. In other parts of the world there are other first-day-of-the-new-year-days. And I think some of them more logical. Like the first day in spring, the day of the vernal equinox. Or, as the following postcard has been dedicated to, the new moon of the first lunar month.

The (Chinese) New Year of the Dog will start on 16 February 2018. So although not celebrated in December (thus not really matching this Postcards for the Weekend's theme), I post it today, because it is a New Year's card, and I received it last week, thanks to ChenHuei from Taiwan.
She had added a special and matching pictoral postmark:

And on the back side of the card she added this, er, cat, or dog?

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Very nice Christmas & New Year stuff. Every card has a lot of things to see (stamps, postmarks...).

    Also in my country, most people don't send Christmas mail any more. I guess it is the same more or less around the world. But I do! :)

  2. Hi Heleen, I'm happy too that some people still send folded cards despite almost everything being digitized nowadays. I myself sent 15 folded cards last week. Thank you for sharing the Christmas and New Year cards that you have received so far! I wish you, your family, and friends happy holidays!

  3. People send fewer cards here too (for one thing, postage keeps going up!) but at the same time I think the tradition of sending Christmas cards is still rather strong. I think I received between 35-40 this year (not counting the "random" postcrossing) - and I sent even more!