zondag 20 maart 2016

Sunday Stamps: Green

Today's Sunday Stamps theme is 'Green'.

The first stamp I'd like to share with you I don't own myself. Thanks to the internet I found an image and I am happy to show it today, because it is such a matching stamp!
Today not only is a 'green' themed Sunday Stamps day, but today also is the start of the Persian New Year: Now ruz or Norooz.
For this celebration, people arrange 'haft seen', a tabletop with 7 items which start with the letter 's'. One of the items is Sabzi, which literally means both 'green' and 'vegetable'.
This stamp shows Sabzi: the green sprouts of, for example, wheat or lentils, bound together by a red ribbon.

(I think the tulip is optional, I have never seen it in real/on pictures so far.)

For anyone who is celebrating this New Year: Happy Norooz!

I happened to have joined a chaincard project themed 'green' via Instagram recently.
The postcard started its journey in the Netherlands and after a short stop in Taiwan (ROC), Japan and Italy it returned with these stamps containing the colour green:

Austria issued this stamp for the 20th anniversary of the Alps Adriatic Philately:

Much green you can see in this stamp - one of my favourites - from Japan:

'Green' of course also has to do with environment friendly issues.

These environment friendly themed stamps are from Spain:

The following five are from a 'green' ('groen', environment friendly) ten stamp sheet from the Netherlands:

'Het nieuwe werken, groene winst' means 'the new way of working, green (environmental) profit'. The laptop represents working-at-home, in order to decrease car use and traffic.

Some of the other stamps, of which the one top right says 'groene post, een goed bericht', which mean 'green mail, a good (positive) message':

More about this stamp serie (in Dutch, but I think the non-Dutch speakers will enjoy the pictures, too) on this site and about the design process by Gesina Roters on this site.
Other 'Green' stamps (among them the 'denk groen', 'think green', stamp sheet you can find on this site.

See more stamps on the theme 'Green' on the Sunday Stamps blog and the links under the blog post.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your chain postcards,and this one is perfect. The green mail stamps are superb, I love text/fonts, and the words have been manipulated so cleverly here.

  2. That cabbage stamp is really great!
    I remember those stamps from Spain. The "green railways" is one of my favourites. There is one of that paths near our former house, and we used to go there for a walk.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments, Eva and FinnBadger!
    After your comment I've added one more stamp, see on top (I don't have it myself so it took some more time to find a picture, but I've found!)

    1. Great addition - always interesting to learn about traditions in other cultures.

    2. I had never seen any stamp about Nowruz.
      Definitely, the tulip is a great addition ;)

  4. I love that train stamp on the chain postcard!
    And funny, within just a few minutes, I find out thanks to you and another friend that today is the start of the Persian New Year...Happy Norooz to anyone celebrating it!

  5. I love the Iranian stamp.
    And those last Dutch stamps might be by the same graphic designer who did the one from 2011 with 'think green for a green world/denk groen voor een groene wereld'?

    1. Thank you for your comment, Violet! Thanks to your comment I looked it up and added some links under the last sheet.
      There is another 'think green' stamp sheet with almost similar name, 'denk groen doe groen' (think green do green), and that one is different (see
      http://www.postzegelblog.nl/2009/01/02/nieuwe-uitgiften-in-oud-jasje/ ).
      The one you mean, the international stamp which shows the text inside the tree, indeed is from the same designer, Gesina Roters,

  6. The train stamp is my favourite too. What a good idea that chain postcard is.

  7. A great time to celebrate new year, our tulips are still just green leaves at the moment. Love the Japan stamp day? cancel.