zondag 4 juni 2017

Sunday stamps: Fonts

This Sunday the theme of Sunday Stamps is 'fonts'.

From my early teens on I loved typography. As a volunteer to our school magazine I drew existing fonts in the margins of my exercise books and I tried to invent new fonts. We didn't have computers at that time, and rub-ons were to expensive for us as a scholar, so the other volunteers were happy with my drawn typography, and I was in my element.

On this blog I did show some stamps labeled 'typography' before. For today I like to share some newly received stamps.
In general I prefer to see (and to draw!) printed characters, especially sans serif fonts like 'good old' helvetica and the newer one calibri.
In contrary, the stamps I show today happen to appear handwritten:

From Greece, part of a four stamps set issued in 2016, themed 'Year of Greece in Russia':

From Hungary, one out of four stamps issued 'for youth 2013'. In that year author and poet Sándor Weöres was born 100 years ago. His work 'Bóbita' he wrote in 1955:

A curly one from the USA:

And here some printed letter types, the stamp text in serif, and a sans serif postmark:

Finally some numbers, designed by typographist and letter artist Walter Nikkels:

See more fonts and accompanying interesting information at and via today's Sunday Stamps blog.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. That one from Hungary is very interesting, Heleen! Miss you at Postcards for the Weekend. Have a nice week ahead!

  2. I guessed you would like this theme :)
    The stamps you show today are very interesting. I have had a look at the label "typography" on the blog, and I've enjoyed some old posts (again).
    The Hungarian stamp seems to belong to the "Castles" stamps contest! :D

  3. Great selection. I've always liked the Greek stamp, and the Hungarian one celebrating Bobita is a wonderful design.

  4. Great stamps - I was expecting some number stamps from the Netherlands from you too, but I forgot about that USA Forever stamp.