zondag 25 juni 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: Iconic persons

This weekend the Postcards for the Weekend theme is 'an iconic person'.

I had to think a lot about this theme. Of course I have certain thoughts and feelings, concerning the word 'iconic'. But I thought it good to first look for the official definition:

Definition of iconic
1: of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an icon
2: a : widely recognized and well-established an iconic brand name
b : widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence, for example an iconic writer, a region's iconic wines

Hmm, iconic people.. Who to choose.. A famous actor/actress, a scientist, a politician?

'Iconic' to my opinion also has some mystery in it. A contemporary artist who by my interpretation of the definition of 'iconic' matches most to this weekend's theme, is Banksy. He (or she? or they?) makes strong statements, in places all-over the world. And succeeds in keeping a mystery meanwhile.
Recently I read an article in which was said the identity is revealed, but I choose to respect Banksy's wish for privacy, for being Banksy: incognito and iconic.

So, no photo of Bansky himself (or herself, or themselves?), but some of his iconic works.

This man, throwing flowers instead of stones, to me is a real iconic person, too:

These postcards I have sent out for Postcrossing. I had made them from pictures, downloaded from Banksy's website some years ago. To me all these images are iconic, and definitely my favourite ones.

See more, other iconic people at and via this weekend's Postcards for the weekend!

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  1. I love Banksy's work. I chose not to read the article about his/her possible reveal. Thanks for sharing these postcards.

    1. I happened to cone across the article and I read it, that is, the suggested name, but my head immediately was preparing me to a 'one ear (eye) in, the other ear out':-) I really cannot memorize the name I read!

  2. Hi Heleen, Bansky rings a bell ... I need to read more about him. Thanks for introducing me to this artist.

    1. I have a booklet about his (?) art, he has made a lot art. Alas I missed the exhibition in Amsterdam (I was wondering if they would take some piece of wall to the gallery or only reproductions :-) ), but on the internet there is a lot of his works available to see.
      Thank you for your interest!

  3. I also love your work (I was more the happy to receive that pink postcard!). But what I love more about Banksy is all the Banksy-inspired works, the freedom of reproduce and share the message. A sort of mail art... on walls :)

    1. Mail art on walls... Wow, such a good description, thank you, Eva, for attracting my mind to this new point of view!
      Maybe that is what has attracted me also, besides his humour and critical, pro-humanity statements.

    2. I like the concept of street art as free art, and in that sense it can compare to mail art. Everybody can enjoy street art (and I am amazed that some people don't!).

      Street art is now very popular in Africa. For instance, there is a festival in Rabat every year, called something like 'Canvas in/of the streets'. Every time we go to Rabat (due to DH's meetings), I take a lot of pictures like these. Sometimes the political message here is more subtle, but they would make nice postcards too.

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