zaterdag 17 juni 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: Historic sites / buildings

This weekend's Postcards for the Weekend's' theme is 'Historic sites / Buildings'.

I always thought that water pumping windmills were a typical feature of the Netherlands, as much of the land (polder) has been made by water management. Until Johm sent me this postcard, showing the Hunsett Mill, a draingae mill at the River Ant in the English county of Norfolk. The present mill has been constructed in 1860, although there has been an earlier mill on the site since 1698.
This present mill was used for water pumping functions until approximately 1910.

In the Netherlands there are many mills. too. Some used to be used for grinding grain, others for sawing wood. And similar to the mill shown above, many mills have been used to keep the land dry.
The most wellknown is this serie of 19 windmills in Kinderdijk, built around 1740 and now a UNESCO world heritage site:

Although famous and attracting visitors worldwide, I never had visited Kinderdijk until a few years ago. And despite of the many tourists at that time, I thought it a relaxed, nice place.

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  1. These images are wonderful, I love that you have send me in the past :)

    In Spain water pumping windmills are very common, too. I recall now specially Mallorca island, when they make a very special landscape. These silhouettes are very familiar there. Most of them don't work any more, but I think some have been repaired lately.

    1. I have seen and I love the Spanish windmills in the landscapes!

  2. We have few windmills where I live (we have watermills instead). Many that are no longer functioning have been turned into hotels or restaurants. I prefer the look of windmills, I think!

    1. Also here many windmills don't have the original functions anymore; the (only) windmill in my city has become a restaurant, too :-)

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