zondag 4 juni 2017

Postcard from last weekend: street view

Due to personal circumstances (among others, see my recent blog post about pet stamps) I missed the previous weekend's Postcards for the Weekend.
The theme was 'Street scenes', a theme I love. So still it inspires me to share postcards.

These postcards show two typical Dutch common street scenes. Be it that the scene shown above is common in four cities only: besides Amsterdam there are trams in Utrecht, Den Haag/the Hague and Rotterdam (plus a few neighbouring towns). In the past there have been more tram cities, but in the majority of them alas trams have disappeared from the streets. As I love public transport, I of course am happy that we're still able to catch the tram in present days.

The other street scene is common, too. Many Dutch travel to school, study, work by bicycle. And every now and then (fortunately not so often) you can see bicyclists stop in the middel of the street. Fortunately there are many good cycle paths besides the roads.
Helmets are not obliged for bicyclists, so most Dutch - including me - ride the bike without them, when riding the bike in daily life. Only sport bicyclists (bicycle racing, mounain biking) do wear a helmet.

See more beautiful and interesting street views at and via the previous weekend's Postcards for the Weekend!

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  1. Oh wow! I'm very excited to see trams in Amsterdam & Rotterdam when I visit in the summer. I like tram rides too and whenever I'm inside, the feeling is "definitely I'm in Europe!" as there's no tram in my immediate environment, SE Asia. Thank you so much for posting even a week later for the theme. I'm happy to see these cards.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your enthusiast words :-)
      And of course thank you for your inspiring themes which make me look different, or at least closer to my postcards, and enjoy other people's choices!

      I didn't know there aren't trams in South East Asia. I thought I have seen one on a postcard from Honk Kong, but maybe that might have been a bus.
      Years ago, and a bit further to the south-east, I have been in a tram, in Melbourne, Australia.

    2. *Hong Kong, sorry for mis-spelling

  2. I like to send this kind of postcards when travelling. Maybe because it is the closest to "what I'm seeing right now", like sending my own picture.

    There have been too many bike accidents in Spain recently, with fatal consequences. I think most of the people wear the helmet there (not in Morocco!), even when that isn't compulsory in most cities.