maandag 30 oktober 2017

Sunday Stamps: 'M' is for milieuvriendelijk and molen

For Sunday Stamps' letter 'M' I chose a long word, however, in English it is even longer. An important subject, to my opinion: milieuvriendelijk.
In English: enviromentally friendly (milieu = environment, friendly = vriendelijk).

While on one hand we, humans, are polluting our world by consumption, traveling, etcetera, on the other hand fortunately more and more people are aware of the fact that we should take care of our earth. To stop polluting, to recycle waste, to consume less and to not use up the earth's resources.
There still is a long way to go. And on this long way there are some bright spots. For instance the fact that several postal services from all-over the world have issued stamps to spread the awareness.

This chaincard arrived home with stamps from six countries! South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Australia and the Netherlands:

In Europe many environmentally friendly stamps have been issued last year, for the theme of the 2016 Europe Stamps was 'Think Green'. I've posted some of these here in April. And I was happy to receive some more since then, like this Europe 2016 stamp from Slovakia:

And these, from Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia (and you can see the other - of two - Dutch Think Green stamp),

The Irish 'Minecraft'-like stamp still fascinates me:

This stamp from Serbia is one of my favourite 'milieuvriendelijke' stamps. Alas I had it in hands just for one day, because I had to forward it to someone else, and the sender from Serbia didn't have any more of these. Fortunately I could scan it and show it to you:

On many of the Europe 2016 'Think Green' stamps you see a wind turbine. In Dutch we name them 'windmolen' (plural 'windmolens'), or windturbine. The older type of windmills we name 'windmolen', too, although most of the time the simple name 'molen' is used for them.

The Netherlands are well-known for its molens. But of course you know that molens can be find anywhere in the world, like these pretty stamps are proofing. I received them from John from the United Kingdom:

The one on the stamp on the left we tend to name 'watermolen' instead of simply 'molen'. But the front side of the card shows a lot more molens:

See what other stamp lovers have chosen for this Sunday's theme 'M', at and via Sunday Stamps!

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  1. Great stamps, and worshippers, for M. Love the chain card.

  2. Reacties
    1. Yes it is, thank you! And thank you for your great mills postcard and stamps!

  3. That's a special postcard - you've hit the jackpot with your selection of stamps this week.

    1. Thank you, Bob! I've been very lucky to have received these, and am happy to share this joy via Sunday Stamps.

  4. I like the harmonious chaincard on the theme (especially the forest stamp). The Serbian stamp sends a great message with humour.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Joy, and you are right, the card is harmonious undeed, thanks to the participants of this chaincard.

  5. I really love the chaincards that you show sometimes. I wonder how the postal services don't get confused...