zondag 22 oktober 2017

Sunday Stamps: 'L' is for lezen, luchtballon and libelle

Today the Sunday Stamps' theme is the letter 'L'.

In Dutch, reading means 'lezen'. Conjugated: ik (I) lees, jij (you) leest, hij of zij (he or she) leest, wij/jullie/zij (we/you/we) lezen.

One can read a book:

Or read from a computer screen:

And how nice it is to read, laying warmly under a blanket:

The 'hot air balloon' in Dutch usually is 'air balloon' only: luchtballon. There are many stamps showing balloons. However, so far I only received this one, from Russia:

Dutch PostNL issued a serie of international stamp sheets on aviation in 2015. Most of them showed airplanes, a few helicopters and there was this stamp in honour of the Montgolfier brothers, the inventors of the luchtballon:

A luchtballon also appears on the selvage of this stamp sheet, in honour of the city of Roermond:

Finally I'd like to share some insect with you. This insect somehow makes us think of helicopters. The English word 'dragonfly' we literally would translate into 'draak vlieg', but we don't. Instead we name the insect 'libelle'. Some thinner species we name 'waterjuffer' (water-young-lady, damselflies), but the order, Odonata in English, in Dutch also is names libelle.

From the John I received this beautiful stamp:

And from Eva this beautiful shaped stamp arrived:

See more stamps on the letter 'L' at and via today's Sunday Stamps.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. How many wonderful stamps on this post!
    That British stamp is one of my favourites. Oh, and at the beginning I didn't see the books on the Paddington stamp...

    Your post gave me an idea for a piece of mail to you... :))

    1. It is hard to see, because much is hidden behind the postmark - and I am not sure if the blanket is a blanket or a kind of tent :-)

      Looking forward to seeing your idea becoming true!

  2. Love the dragonfly - libelle is a much prettier name for this gorgeous creature, too!

    1. As I was born in the year of the dragon, I think the name dragonfly o.k., too :-)
      However, 'helicopter(fly)' would have been a more matching name :-)

  3. I look forward each week to learning more Dutch words accompanied by fine stamps like these - love the libelle.

  4. Waterjuffer I such an appropriate name for a creature that spends much of its early life underwater and then at maturity flitting over it. I love watching them.
    I like the Montgolfier balloon, it is almost like a Christmas bauble.

    1. I hadn't thought of the name this way, but indeed they spend so much time in the water :-)
      And you're right about the balloon. By the way, the text says that the balloon has been made of canvas, covered with paper. Weird, and special, concerning the hot air, isn't it?