zaterdag 28 oktober 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: Markets

This weekend the theme of Postcards for the Weekend is 'markets'.

This pretty water colour painting of a market in Hong Kong has been painted by Shen Ping, and was sent to me by Natalie from Hong Kong.

This postcard is from a box with - newly printed - old postcards from the city of Utrecht, in the center of the Netherlands. The original photo has been taken more than 100 years ago. At first sight it doesn't look like a market like we know nowadays in our country, but when looking closer you can see that indeed there is merchandise: animals. The note says 'Kippenmarkt', which means 'chicken market'.

See more markets, from all-over the world, at and via Maria's Postcards for the Weekend blog.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Heleen, it's interesting to decipher the goods sold at the first market. I wonder if the Hong Kong market has mandarin oranges! Thanks for your translation for the kippenmarket! I wonder on the fate of those two goats on the postcard ...

  2. PS. Please don't worry about the extra link at all! I'm not sure how to remove it so I would leave it as is instead of risking any issue with the linky.

  3. I love these postcards on a favourite theme. How different were markets in the past... But some markets in Morocco seem still to be "on the past"!