zaterdag 7 januari 2017

Sunday stamps: Winter white

This Sunday stamps' theme is 'Winter white'.
How coincidentally: the first snow in my city arrived in the night of Friday to Saturday. In the west of the Netherlands however almost all snow has gone. In the east and south of our country the snow will last for at least this Sunday, but by the expected temperatures of over zero degrees Celsius it soon will be over.

'Winter white' makes me think of large winter landscapes. However, I don't have a lot of stamps showing this. Only the one above from Germany does, so I am happy to show it here.

But 'white', 'snow', shows up in several other stamps. Or not:
The following stamp immediately makes us think of snow, while in fact no snow is visible, on this Nijntje-(Miffy)-on-a-sleigh stamp:

In contrary to winter landscape stamps, single snowman stamps have passed through my hands already three times, thanks to so-called chaincards. After receiving, before forwarding, I scanned them. I hope my own card will return in the coming weeks or months, but at least I can show you the following stamps.

The most surprising ones to my opinion are these from Indonesia. Surprising because snow is the last thing which comes into my mind when thinking of Indonesia. A quick search on the internet however, learned that there is snow on the high mountains in Papua.

Also Hong Kong Post has issued a stamp showing a snowman:

In Russia there is more snow, and note the typical (?) hats these Russian snowmen wear:

These Dutch snowmen I added to the chaincards, two are from December stamps series (2012 and 2014 respectively), and the flying snowman showed up on a 'kinderpostzegel', children's welfare stamp sheet in 1983:

Here a regularly received stamp, from the United Kingdom:

And a regularly sent one, from the 2013 December stamp sheet, designed by Sieb Posthuma (1960-2014):

Finally there is a snowman on the most recent December stamp sheet, which, in a way, brings us back to a 'winter landscape' (-:

See more winter white stamps on this Sunday's Sunday Stamps blog, and follow the links mentioned there!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. We received the same stamp from Germany. Ilove it!
    And... what a wonderful selection of snowmen you show today. It's a pleasure to see!

  2. A great assortment of white today. Love the way the snow is shown on the Miffy stamp.

  3. So many winter loving snowmen (and ladies)!

    1. How do you distinguish a snowman from a snowlady?!?

    2. Eva, this is an old joke... snowballs, of course.

  4. I wonder what the collective noun is for such a lot of snowmen.

    1. A flock of snowmen?!

      To me that sounds okay, better than bunch or couple, as the Dutch word for (snow) flake is (sneeuw) vlok, and vlok sounds similar to flock :-)

  5. For a country without snow the Indonesian snowmen are the cutest. A nice freeze of snowmen (only collective noun I could think up). They have forecast snow here at the end of the week.