maandag 2 januari 2017

Sunday stamps: Free choice or favourite stamp

This Sunday Stamps' theme is a free choice, or favourite stamp.

Of course it is impossible to choose only one favourite stamp. There are so many beautiful pictures, designs, colours!
Fortunately you can see some of my favourites on blog posts by Eva and by FinnBadger. And on and via this Sunday's Sunday Stamps!

Meanwhile I forced me to limit myself to two themes only. The first is 'Think Green', 2016's Europe Stamps theme. I think there is an urge to behave more 'green', to cherish ecology, and the Europe stamps make us a bit more aware of this.
All-over Europe the same design is shown slightly different. In future I hope to receive two chaincards with more Europe 2016 stamps, and I'm looking forward to show them here, then.
Today it is the Italian version which I love to share with you:

The second theme concerns the ones who provide us with so much joy: mailmen (m/f)!

In Dutch a mailman is named 'postbode', which rhymes. So here is my tiny 'Ode to the Postbode':

And my favourite drawing, for it's simple but powerful design:

See more great stamps at Sunday Stamps and follow the links mentioned there!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Great stamp selection, Heleen, and a nice idea to choose stamps about your favorite topics.

  2. I was really pleased to see the last one. It showed that my request to the Exeter post office to hand stamp cards worked. Liverpool ignores it and pushes them through the machine. Fortunately, my local Cheshire office usually handstamps - well done the postbodes.

    1. And the postmark's shape and location match so well with the mailman! And the '2016' in the corner makes it complete :-)
      Thanks to both you, John, and your local post office people!