zondag 19 januari 2014

Sunday Stamps: Pets

This Sunday Stamps' theme is 'pets'.
Searching in my stamps, there appeared to be a few stamps on this theme. Mostly cats and dogs, and three rodents.
The Dutch post company also offers the possibility to create your own personalized stamp sheet. At some higher costs you can have your own design printed. The stamps then can be used as a real postage stamp.

The stamp above was part of a serie of three, named 'Ten for your best friends' and showing cats, a dog and rabbits. Alas the last I've used, with no copy, but fortunately you can see it here.

This is the December stamps sheet of 2003. The stamp in the middle on top is showing a cat and dog, peacefully together.

Jip and Janneke, Annie M.G. Schmidt's creation, drawn by Fiep Westendorp, have two pets: the dog Takkie, and the cat Siepie, who you see here.

Nijntje, in English known as Miffy, has been created in 1955 by the Dutch illustrator Dick Bruna.
It's funny to see that this rabbit has a pet: the little she-dog Snuffie.

An other pet, or rather the main character in the stories created by the Dutch illustrator/writer Marten Toonder, is Tom Poes, a cat. He is a close friend of the gentleman Ollie B. Bommel, a bear who has a dog, named Joost. Not as a pet, but, as you can see on the left, as his butler.

An other famous pet is Tom, the cat from the couple Tom and Jerry. While we would think the predator always wins, in these stories it's always the rodent who survives, more than well.

Talking about rodents, a Dutch supermarket company has a hamster in it's advertisement campaigns. In 2012 the Dutch post company issued a stamp because of the 125th anniversary of this supermarket. And the hamster is part of it! That is, his gold coloured shadow, while jumping happpily on three of the stamps.

Finally the personalized stamp of Snuitje, one of the two guinea pigs (cavias) who live in my place. On this picture she's less than 2 months old. Since they're in our house, I (1) prefer vegetarian pets (so our herbivores will have nothing to fear), and (2) I am wondering why we, humans, are keeping pets, animals, as a kind of prisoner at all. I imagine that our pets would prefer to live with a large, large family somewhere in the wild, instead of being dependent of our care and time. But it is as it is, and both Snuitje and her roommate Cato seem to be happy with us.

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  1. Love Tom & Jerry. They are part of my childhood. So they have been around for awhile.

  2. Snuitije is so adorable! I love furry animals in general!

    well, I do agree...animals are not really meant to live imprisoned...in general i feel really sorry for example for all those lions and tigers and elephants and penguins kept in the zoos....but when it comes to pets...well, maybe we are a bit selfish, and need their company...cos they make us so happy and can brighten up even our darkest days...and maybe by taking care of them, we help them live longer...they do not have to be in search for food and constantly fight with other cats...plus they will always have a warm place to sleep at during those freezing winter nights...:)

    1. Yes, you're right. Because guinea pigs are prey animals, they always are very vigilant.
      Guinea pigs in fact are very curious, exploring animals. And while for Snuitje curiosity, inquisitiveness, always wins (she was with us from very young age), Cato, who joined us when she was a bit older, always is hyper-cautious. And only after a year she is getting more curious than cautious and not immediately fleeing into her little 'house' anymore.
      I think in the wild she would have a lot of stress, while here she has nothing to fear. And she gets tons of fresh endive and chicory and other of her favourite food. :-)

  3. Aw, I like your stamps of your guinea pig. thank you for joining in this week.

  4. Wow these are all great finds for the theme, Tom and Jerry is excellent!

  5. A hamster is an interesting choice for a supermarket but I suppose those cheek pouches would be good for shopping. Love the Miffy sheet, and Dick Bruna.

    1. Yes, and the hamster also has been chosen because in Dutch there's a word-play in the word 'hamster':
      the verb 'hamsteren' means 'to store up' / 'to hoard', so Dutch connect the hamster with buying a supply of food.

  6. I posted some of these stamps :D (and I was considering for Tom & Jerry -sent by you, of course!). But I didn't know the names of Siepie and Snuffie. Dutch illustrators continue to amaze me. And the stamps with Snuitje also did!

  7. Thank you very much for your comments!