donderdag 2 januari 2014

Out: to the USA

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Een heel mooi post-project is dat van PostMuse uit Amerika. Onder de naam 'Orphaned Postcard Project' ontfermt zij zich - en wij, postliefhebbers, met haar - over weeskaarten.
Je kunt ook meedoen met dit project. PostMuse heeft tal van kaarten uit de hele wereld die nog niet beschreven zijn. Als je iets weet te vertellen over zo'n kaart, of over de plaats, of iets anders naar aanleiding van de kaart, kun je de betreffende kaart opvragen, beschrijven en weer terugsturen. Vervolgens blogt PostMuse erover.
Hierboven een glimp van de mooie envelop die PostMuse maakte. Waarin onderstaande kaart zat. Van de prachtige provincie Drenthe. Daar komt een van mijn favoriete zangers, Daniël Lohues, 'weg' (= vandaan). En vooral: we hebben daar een heel mooie vakantie doorgebracht. Het contrast tussen de rust en ruimte (en schone lucht!) van Drenthe en het gebrek aan rust en ruimte (en fijnstof en andere luchtverontreiniging) in onze eigen omgeving is groot.

A very nice mail project is the 'Orphaned Postcard Project' by PostMuse from the USA. She takes care for 'orphaned' postcards, and gives us, snail mail lovers, the opportunity to do so, too.
You can join this project. PostMuse has several postcards from all-over the world who are still empty so far. If there's a postcard which has a special meaning for you, and on which you can write something, about the card, about the place or anthing that has to do with that card, you can request it for adoption. When PostMuse has sent the card, you can write your message on it, put a postage stamp on it and send it back to PostMuse, who then will blog about it.
On top you see a glimpse of the beautiful envelope (and stamps) PostMuse had sent me. Inside this, there was the postcard you see above.
It shows parts of the beautiful province of Drenthe, in the east of the Netherlands. One of my favourite singer-songwriters has been born there (Daniël Lohues).
The reason to 'adopt' this postcard is, that we've spent a beautiful vacation there, in which I noted the clear contrast between the nature, fresh air and relaxed people we found in Drenthe, and the unrest, urbanization, polluted air and stressed people in the region where I am living.

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  1. I'm happy to see that you finally managed to adopt the postcard :D
    The last stamp seems from Morocco!

  2. Well, I adopted it for a long time - but I did neglect the card all the time (however: it was safely hidden in PostMuse's original envelope, be it in one of my many piles)...
    I finally managed to take care of, to care for the postcard :-)

    The stamp with the camels is from a travel company - I choose this one for PostMuse because I thought she likes camels! (?)
    And the cow, of course, I've chosen for some Dutch touch. It's a Frisian cow though, but the province of Fryslan fortunately is close to Drenthe.

    1. You're right, she loves camels. So she will be really happy to have the postcard back, and with camels! I think some postcards have been lost due to a change in her address :(
      By the way, me too, I like the postcard.

  3. I think I'd like this area because it seems flat, thus perfect for the bike riding me. My area is extremely hilly.

    I've gotten a few postcards forwarded from my old box so I hope that continues for a few more months

    And I love the camels :)

    1. Sure, the province of Drenthe is famous for it's cycle paths. When I announced that I would spend my holidays there, without exception everyone around me said to me: "Great, and you of course will go cycling, there?!" :-)

      However, at least three quarter of our country is flat - and I mean really Flat: our highest mountain is a hill, 300 meters above sea level :-) , in the very south-east of the Netherlands (province of Limburg, which is the most hilly province of all).

      So you are welcome to ride bike here! But I think, out of all provinces, Drenthe is most famous for cycling, for it's beautiful landscape (with more forest shelter), while most of the other flat places have a more monotonous landscape, mostly meadows and highways. And hardly trees (to my surprise - I've seen beautiful old trees in meadows in the United Kingdom, but the cows in NL have to stand in full sun - if they are able to be outside at all...).