zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Sunday stamps: Geology and Landscapes

This Sunday Stamps' theme is Geology.

I choose the 'Bos atlas' stamp sheet, issued in 2012. The Bos atlas is a Dutch world atlas, named after Pieter Roelf Bos, the teacher who started this atlas in 1877.

It is not only a map / geographic atlas, but it also learns about culture, landscape, economy and geology of the different regions. So it's not only about what's above the ground but also what's in and under.

On the stamp sheet you can see very early publications and more recent editions (bottom left the 54th edition). And it's interesting to see how everything has been changing all over the years. Some for the better, some for the worse.

When reading 'geology' I'm thinking of minerals, stones. And thinking of my dear late grandmother, who collected minerals. After her passing away, many years ago already, I got some of the minerals which I cherish.

I've been looking for more Dutch stamps on geology but they seem to be rare. Maybe because our country has more to do with agriculture. However, many years ago in the south-east of the Netherlands, mining industry flourished, and on the internet I found this stamp of a mine worker obtaining coal.

Fortunately Viridian also included 'Landscapes' in the theme of today, and below you can see some Dutch landscapes. Mainly cultivated...

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  1. I have published this amazing set in an entry for maps on stamps:

    It's still one of DH favourites!

  2. the map sheet is amazing, and the colours in the autumn landscape are so pretty.

  3. I think the maps are wonderful but I also like the last set which is how I imagine the Netherlands (when I'm not imagining canals, that is).

  4. it must be the nicest set of dutch stamps i have ever seen..!

  5. I like maps both old and new so that mini sheet is heaven. Love the Netherlands seasons stamps.

  6. Love the maps. Great Collection of landscapes also.

  7. I haven't been to Weerribben, but the other three are lovely places to see and I want to go back! I, too, love maps and the top sheet is a gem to have.

  8. Wow I love that mini-sheet, it is wonderful.
    Thank you for participating.