vrijdag 3 november 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: Anything you wish

This weekend's Postcard for the Weekend theme is 'Anything you wish'.

The following postcard I've held in my hands for just one day, and it caused a big smile on my face.
It had been traveling for some time already, as you see (great postmarks, don't you think so?). Being a so-called 'chaincard' it was in transit: the owner was someone else, so after its arrival I added matching stamps to the back of the card, and forwarded it to the next receiver, so that the card finally will come home at the first sender's place.

I had to read the text twice, three times, before I caught the essence, and then the big smile of recognition appeared and this postcard turned into one of my favourites. The wish, (un)spoken, is actual in the present stage in my life. For example, at the moment that this card arrived, my kids had autumn holidays, and I was supposed to have a few days off from work, too. But despite of my 'vacation', I wasn't 'off' really. No time to sit on the couch when coming home from work, because all daily tasks have to be done first.

I think illustrator Fiep Westendorp has shown this problem - many multitasking moms/workers will know - well in some of her cartoons, which she made in the 50-ies and 60-ies of the previous century for the newspaper Parool.
For example this postcard, one of my favourite Fiep drawings, too:

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  1. Hi Heleen, the word printed on the first card totally puts a smile on my face too every time I could have it :D

  2. That's the postcard I'd need today for sending it to a friend :D