donderdag 2 november 2017

In: from the United Kingdom

Last Sunday I posted some 'molens', (wind)mills. Some weeks earlier I received this beautiful windmill card from John. It is named the Argos Hill Windmill and is located near Rotherfield.

On the back John added great stamps, showing Ladybird (children's) books. The now London-based Ladybird publishing company traces its origins to 1867.

As far as I know there is not a Dutch equivalent of Ladybird Books. I remember several Dutch publishing houses, but none of them is specialized in children's books, and they are not as widespread / monopolist in our country as were/are Penguin, Puffin and Ladybird books in the UK. Except for the 'Gouden Boekjes', but as far as I know the 'Little Golden Books' have their origins in the USA.
I read these Little Golden Books in a translated version in my childhood (Among them this one).
The first publisher of the Dutch Golden Booklets, 'Bezige Bij', also published books for grown-ups. The logo, however, matches more or less with the Ladybird logo: 'Bezige Bij' means 'Busy Bee' :-)

Thank you very much, John!

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  1. John has also sent Ladybird stamps to me. I love to see books on stamps. But, it is the same, I can't recall any Spanish equivalent (let alone Catalan... Catalan books for children started to spread when I was a child. I still read mostly in Spanish, until I was a teenager).