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Sunday stamps: musical instruments

Today's theme of Sunday stamps is a very favourite of mine: Music and musical instruments.

Spain has issued several wonderful music stamps. My most favourite instruments are string instruments, so I was very happy to receive these guitar and violin stamps, which were issued in Spain in 2011:

The ones above belong to a serie of four; the others are the lute and mandolin. You can see the complete serie here.
A year later, the Spanish post published the harp, balalaika, sitar, banjo and rebec on stamps. Thanks to Eva I received several of these beauties, but alas I didn't find sufficient time to scan them and post them in this blog now. However, the complete serie you can see in this interesting blog.

From string instruments to percussion instruments.
These were also issued on stamps in Spain, in 2013. More information on the five stamps (of which you see four here) you can read here.

In the Netherlands there has been issued a stamp serie with illustrations by the late Dutch painter Anton Pieck.
One of them shows a man with many instruments, of which the drum is most prominent:

And he plays an accordion-like instrument. There are many other musical instruments who create their tones by air: aerophones or wind instruments.

There's a wind instrument maybe many of us might have tried when we were young (or maybe even have made one!?). It's from all times and all-over the world. You can find pictures of this curious instrument for example here, and here.
On stamps I happened to have received this one from Lituania. Initially I didn't notice that these were musical instruments. But when I looked closer, I read the words 'muzikos intrumentai', and by looking up the words 'molines svilpynes' I learned that these animals indeed are musical instruments: clay whistles.

Other wind instruments are woodwind instruments (like the flute and clarinet), and brass instruments.
The Spanish post also has issued a stamp serie on brass instruments. One of them is the (French) horn:

From Brazil I received this trumpet:

And an euphonium (or tuba?) is shown on a stamp sheet issued by the Dutch post as part of a serie on Dutch cities, in this case the city of Sittard:

(You see I've used the other stamps already...)

A large wind musical instrument - and a typical Dutch one - is the street organ.
The Dutch post issued this Europa stamp in 1981:

Thirty-three years later, in 2014, this stamp sheet has been issued, which is also proposed as entry for the PostEurop 2014 stamp contest.

Many more beautiful stamps on music and musical instruments you can find in Viridian's blog and all links shown there.

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  1. that first set of Spanish stamps is sooo vibrant and colourful!! Love them! And I cant recall I've seen them on my mail, like.. ever! And I love the Sittard sheet! Yeah, I do see a stamp is missing :)

  2. I was wondering if you weren't going to participate this week, with one of your favourite themes!
    I've tried to send you as many instruments as I could, but sometimes it's difficult not to get repeated stamps, you know.

    I also posted the Brazilian trumpet (and I reserve the last stamp, which you sent me last week, for a new post...(.

  3. I love seeing street organs, nice to see one on a stamp.