zondag 15 juni 2014

Sunday stamps: circuses

This Sunday's Sunday Stamps theme is 'Circuses, fun fairs'.

I remember three series of circus stamps issued in the Netherlands. One of these series concerned a Europe stamp, which you can see at Hawwa's Mail Adventures.
'Those were the days', I thought when seeing these back again. Not for the circus shown, but for the postage rate: in 2002 only € 0,54 was sufficient to have the mail delivered all-over Europe, while this rate has been almost doubled to € 1,05 in 2014.

Concerning 'those days' and circuses, I've only been once to a circus, as a young child, and must confess that the only thing I remembered was that I was afraid of clowns.
Nowadays there's of course dispute on whether it's a good idea to use animals for people's amusement or not. I prefer circuses with people, like the Chinese State Circus (these men (you see from the 48th second) jumping through rings I think more fascinating than a wild animal who clearly would like to do something else). And of course the amazing Cirque du Soleil. These circuses are very beautiful to see, however I only know them from television, never have seen them in real so far.
I don't know if the Canadian post ever has issued stamps about Cirque du Soleil, which has been founded in Canada, and if these stamp designs were issued as real stamps, as I didn't find any other websites on these.

Back to the Dutch postage stamps. This stamp sheet was issued in 2011 for the 100th anniversary of Circus Herman Renz.

From what I wrote above you can conclude that this is not my favourite stamp sheet. However the illustrations I think nice, especially the elephant, horse and the unicyclist. The stamps have been designed by Ron van Roon, and I like the simplyfied style. When I'm drawing I always tend to add too many details, so I can learn from this style!
In the 'Postzegelblog' you can see some other nice elephant stamps.

The third Dutch stamp sheet concerning a circus has been issued in 2012. That year it was 125 years ago that Carré was founded in Amsterdam. Carré started as a circus, but over the years it became more and more a theater. Nowadays there are musicals, concerts, cabaret, and sometimes a circus.
At the moment there's a theater show called 'War horse'. There are horses part of that show. No real ones, they were created by the South African Handspring Puppet Company (you can see the horses in this trailer).

You can see I've already used several stamps of this sheet...
The complete stamp sheet you can find on the Postzegelblog.
I like the fact that the unicyclist has evolved: in the previous stamp sheet he was sitting in the saddle, while now he rides upside down, using his hands only :-)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I am not sure that I would enjoy a circus with animals nowadays. But I keep special memories of going to the circus, specially because all the cousins were involved, and my grandfather. He enjoyed the circus more than the children!

    As an adult, I attended the two circus you write about: the Cirque du Soleil (in Canada) and the Chinese State Circus (in Majorque). Both are breathtaking, sure. I don't mind to repeat the experience, though expensive!

    I can't help but like these circus illustrations. History of circus has always fascinated me. And the motto: "When I grow up, I will run away and join the circus..."

    Thanks for sending circus on stamps and sharing these!

  2. I love the vivid colours and the simple designs nicely contained under the roof of the Big Top!

  3. I love the first sheet as a whole..the night sky gives some kind of a dreamy atmosphere to it!

    btw, it always feels sad to read how postage prices keep going up...instead of stimulating people to send more mail, they just do the opposite...at least that's how i see it..