zaterdag 7 juni 2014

Sunday stamps: Airplanes and air transport

This Sunday's Sunday stamps theme is another favourite of mine: airplanes.
The stamp you see above is from Romania. I love that one a lot because it combines the Airplane with AirMail!
This stamp didn't land in my mailbox, but in the mailbox of a postcrossing relative instead. Fortunately she let me take a picture of this stamp, so at least I have the digital one to share with you :-)

Other airplane stamps from outside my country I received from Eva from Spain. You can see two of them here.
Below I'll share some Dutch airplane stamps.

This sheet is one of my favourites, issued in 2009 due to the 100th anniversary of motorised air transport in the Netherlands (which was just 2 years earlier than the Modesto Airmail).
When I asked myself 'why do I love this sheet that much?', I found out that I love the bright yellow of the trauma helicopter and the blue airplane on top. And the airport Schiphol on the right: I've seen this hall several times from inside and I associate it with travelling and freedom.
The one on top right is familiar, too: we drive over the A4 motorway every now and then, and you can see an airplane riding on the viaduct above you really! Always a special feeling when passing under this giant vehicle!

This airplane is a very small one: it is part of the Dutch miniature world 'Madurodam'.

And below some older stamps, all from the gulden era.

On this one you see a British airplane dropping food into our country at the end of World War II.

And these stamps show Dutch airplanes: above a Fokker airplane and below KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines).

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11 opmerkingen:

  1. The Romanian stamp is one of my favourites for the same reasons as you. A great selection of planes from all the eras.

  2. I love that sheet! So many different planes in one place!

  3. I like the way airmail envelopes serve as wings on the Romanian stamp, and the way the Dutch sheet has perforations dividing the stamp from the rest of the image.

  4. I feel I 'own' Schipol as I have been through there what seems like thousands of times. The Dutch stamps are fine, but I'm upset with KLM currently as they have hiked their fares to the USA so much this year.

    1. How nice to read you know the Amsterdam airport!

      I've been to the USA a few times, but so far never by KLM, as other companies were more affordable. So I think also in the past their fares were high...

  5. Some very nice stamps and great designs. My favorite is the Romanian stamp at top.

  6. I can see why the bright colours make these special to you. I like the drama in the aircraft dropping food - a wonderful stamp.

  7. The trauma helicopter must be built very narrowly - it appears to be sitting on anarrow bridge! Thank you for great contributions.

  8. I have never seen the complete sheet. I have received the forth stamp and I love it. In Spain we haven't any stamp showing "normal life" (well, maybe we have some, but it isn't common...). And you also sent me one from the "gulden era". I haven't published them because I had did in the past. And today I focused in... err... other ways of air transportation!

  9. My favourite is definitely the top one, the air mail aeroplane!