zaterdag 7 juni 2014

In: from the United Kingdom

Sent by John *Scriptor* from the United Kingdom, these beautiful postcards showing two of my favourite themes: lighthouses and public transport.

I love to watch this postcard of a lighthouse within the elements. Look at the clouds, watch that sea! And even a piece of rainbow is visible.
This lighthouse is the Fort Perch Rock lighthouse, off New Brighton close to Liverpool.

In Liverpool trams used to be green. Also Leeds had trams, of which you see this 'Horsefield' car (built in 1931). Sadly this tramway was closed in the late fifties.

I always feel so happy by the backsides of the postcards John is sending. Especially his kind and informative messages, and the postage stamps who are chosen with thoughfulness.
These two postcards arrived in a plastic, easy-to-open cover, with a polite request to the Post Office. The result, however, was not a hand-cancelling of the stamps (alas, as I like cancellation stamps), but even stampless stamps! (I always like to keep the postcards complete, nevertheless, John: in case your stamps have finished and you want me to soak off these stamps, I will do so to send them back so you can re-use them :-)

Another favourite: animals (butterfly, in this stamp) and mail transport!
Thank you very much, John!

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  1. I visited this place with low tide, in July 2012. It looks really different...
    Your lighthouses collection is growing and growing! :D