zondag 3 juli 2016

Sunday Stamps: Paintings

This Sunday Stamps theme is 'Paintings'.

Dutch Post issued stamps of paintings by Vincent van Gogh several times. Last year - 2015 - PostNL issued four stamp sheets containing ten stamps for national mail, themed:
- Landscapes
- Portraits
- Peasant Life
- City and Village.

Three of these were easy available in post agencies, the 'portraits' stamp sheet was sold out immediately. But fortunately we could order this one via the internet, be it that it only was available in a four stamp sheet folder.
I've used the portrait stamps already, but the front side of this folder is a matching one, too. It shows one of the portraits, namely Vincent van Gogh's postman, Joseph Roulin. Van Gogh has painted more than one portraits of Mr. Roulin. The version shown here you can see in real in the pretty Kröller-Müller Museum.

Besides the four national stamp sheets, PostNL issued also a folder containing four stamp sheets for international mail, containing five stamps each. These were available as a four-in-one-folder package and via the internet only, and fortunately I could order these.
The themes were:
- Flowers
- Self-portraits
- Still lifes
- Interiors

The first mentioned two stamp sheets I've sent to Eva, and the other two I just scanned to show you for today's Sunday Stamps:

the Still lifes:

And the Interiors:

See more interesting paintings on stamps at and via today's Sunday Stamps.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I have seen some of these stamps on your and Eva's blogs and I think the sets are really nicely done.

  2. These look so beautiful on the envelopes and postcards! Even if you would use just one of them ;-)

  3. Some Dutch people complain that the stamps have been printed too dark, and concerning some of these stamps, I agree that the pictures are a bit less well to see, the details worse to distinguish compared to previous Van Gogh stamps issues..

    1. But anyway, I'm happy to read that you - as a receiver - are happy to have received them!

    2. I even have a "Van Gogh" category in the blog! :)

      I'd like they issued a series like these with artists in my country.

  4. I like the large detail with the stamps. I have the postman on a stamp, but not that version, the combination of blue eyes, cap and flowers are very striking.

  5. Well, some artists work was rather on the dark side. Not surprising, given the time before electricity!