zaterdag 2 juli 2016

In: from Germany

This beautiful postcard, showing local wildlife, was sent by Margit from Germany.
Of these German animals, the two animals on the rocks - the marmot and the chamois - don't live in the Netherlands, as there are no mountains in our country.

Until receiving this postcard I didn't know that the (North-American) raccoon is living in Europe, too. But a short search in the internet taught me that raccoons have been introduced in 1934 in Germany, and have been introduced later in Germany and France also in some other ways. They appear to feel comfortable here, and have expanded their habitat a little to other countries, too.

The card was accompanied by this matching stamp, issued for the protection of the environment, the Alps in this picture. You can see the marmot again, and the steinbock.

And Margit surprised me with an other great postcard! The platypus is native to Australia, but I am very happy that this platypus traveled from Tasmania via Germany to my home.

On the back a pretty stamp showing the Löwenburg (Lion's Castle) in Kassel.

Thank you very much, herzlichen Dank, Margit!

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  1. I like a lot the postcards and the stamps. That stamp with the mountain is wonderful!