maandag 2 november 2015

Sunday Stamps: Farm Animals

This Sunday Stamps theme is 'Farm Animals'.
As animals in general belong to my favourite subjects I am happy to search my collection to share some stamps with you.

Farm animals have been subject to Sunday stamps before and I have contributed then. However there are so many nice stamps on farm animals, that I think the theme has to be repeated on a regular base :-)

These two animals I received from Ukraine. I love the way they have been illustrated.

These stamps show the 'Lakenvelder' cow. The stamps are'personalized stamps', issued in limited edition by the Lakenvelder cow association, via the Dutch mail service:

Sadly in the Netherlands most farm animals live a miserable life, kept in small spaces in stables without daylight. The percentage of animal-friendly farming is far too small in our country, and alas the Dutch government listened to the EU who withdrew the milk quotas per 1st of April this year, so many farmers choose to keep even more cows in too little room. I hope one day (or better: now) all Dutch will change their habit of buying cheap, animal unfriendly meat into a better habit, of buying no meat at all or at least meat from animals who have been respected and kept in an animal friendly environment (and also I hope all will support NGO's like 'Wakker Dier' and 'Milieudefensie' who organize good campaigns to raise awareness on animal welfare in farming). So that all animals can laugh again, like the pig on the Ukrainian stamp.

These lovely chicken stamp, showing more lucky farm animals, I received from Indonesia:

Last but not least, back to the Netherlands, where PostNL has issued stamps showing paintings by Vincent van Gogh. Two of them are related to an other farm animal: the sheep. Here shaven and the wool processed:

See for more stamps on farm Animals the Sunday Stamps blog and the links mentioned under the blog post.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The Ukraine stamps are fun and I like the Inonesian rooster.

  2. Sorry about the animals' living conditions, but at least the stamps are attractive.