donderdag 19 november 2015

Sunday Stamps: Famous people

I am a little late with posting, but fortunately today I could add my contribution to the latest Sunday Stamps blog.

The theme is 'Famous people' and I happen to join a 'famous people chaincard' project on instagram. In this project four people from four different countries are sending one postcard with stamps matching the theme, in this case famous people. We send our card to the next receiver, who adds stamps (and a next address) and forwards the card to the next receiver. This way all cards are passing four people, and have gathered stamps from four countries when they arrive back home.

So far I sent my card and received one, to which I sticked Dutch stamps, to pass it on to the next person.

These stamps I added to my card, showing:

A contemporary famous person, DJ Hardwell:

An other famous person of present times is the book character Harry Potter, actor Daniel Radcliffe:

And a quote from book character Max Havelaar with a picture of his author Multatuli:

Meanwhile I have received the first cards of two of the others. One postcard from the UK directly to me, and one from Italy to the UK to me.
So thanks to this international collaboration stamps of Italian and English famous people are united with Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren, former queen Juliana and her grandson (now king) Willem-Alexander and his wife (now queen) Máxima (click picture to enlarge):

I had to look up Aldo Manuzio, and his fame is related to the written word, too: he has invented the (printed) italic typeface and the semicolon.

And the English queen is connected to DJ Tiësto, Harry Potter and again the present Dutch king and queen:

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Great selection. I thought the DJ set of stamps was fantastic.

  2. Thank you, FinnBadger! Now I know which stamp to stick on my next mail to you :-)

    1. Netherlands has some great stamps this year - I think the December stamps for 2015 are brilliant, and the Netherlands from Space ones are stunning.

  3. That's an interesting initiative.

    I think most of people on stamps are "famous people", at least in their countries. Or, this is the aim of stamps, isn't it? To turn them into famous people!

    I like when I receive stamps of "unknown" people (for me, of course), so I can find out about them. Not that always I feel the same curiosity nor the time. But I love to learn through the stamps.

  4. Who knew there was a named inventor of the semi-colon. I like the combination of famous people together on your card. 'I greet you all' might be a good blogger motto;-)

  5. The famous people 'project sounds fun and certainly creates a unique card.