zondag 30 augustus 2015

Sunday Stamps: Fish in the water

Today's Sunday Stamps theme is 'Fish in the Sea (or lake, or ocean)'.

First I thought it would be hard to find fish stamps, but wandering through my received mail, there appeared to be more than one Fish stamp!

The first fish I would like to show is a fresh water fish, the pike ('snoek' in Dutch).
This fish stamp is from the United Kingdom (thank you, John!):

I have an old Dutch stamp sheet which shows a pike, too, but alas I can't find it to scan for you at the moment. Fortunately you can see it somewhere else on the internet. That stamp sheet was issued in 2005 and showed flora and fauna in the Naardermeer ('Lake of Naarden'), the oldest protected nature area in the Netherlands.
Recently, ten years later, the Dutch post issued a new stamp sheet on this lake. This time a ten stamps sheet, of which the bottom two show underwater life. Among them the pike again:

From the lakes in the countries at the North sea to some more southern European sea, close to Spain. Eva sent me fish mail (not to be confused with fishing mail :-) ) and on the cover were two sea mammal stamps, and two fish:

A stamp from the far south. In the South African sea beautiful fish are living. Among them this one:

And from the south to the far east. I was so lucky to receive some Asian fish stamps.

From China:

From Taiwan:

From Sri Lanka:

And finally, a stamp from the Netherlands, showing an Indonesian fish:

More interesting and beautiful fish stamps you can see on the Sunday Stamps blog and the related links mentioned there!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Great collection! Fish don't seem to have appeared too much recently on US stamps.

  2. The tropical fish, Sri Lanka and South Africa, are just so beautiful.

  3. It was the same for me: I discovered I have some fishes on stamps (I'm sure I have many more, but not scanned).

    Thanks for publishing those four turquoise stamps! I bought them specially for you :) I have received the whale.

  4. Super collection. I may be biased but the pike is my favourite.

  5. The pike is a little creepy looking.
    I do like looking at tropical fish, possibly because they are so colourful.