vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

In: from Japan

In Japan so-called Gotochi ('local') cards are issued, shaped cards showing nice illustrations.

I was happy to 'meet' Tomoko from Japan via instagram. She wished to receive Jip & Janneke cards, which I sent to her, while I was delighted by the picture of this Japanese Mailbox 'Summer' card, which she sent to me!

On the back she added a delightful serie of Japanese nature stamps.

Thank you very much, Tomoko, arigato!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. This is a wonderful postcard, and the stamps are delightful. You're a lucky girl! Maybe I need to join Instagram... ;)

  2. Yes it is one of my favourite mailbox postcards.

    I would not advice you to join Instagram :-) Doesn't Twitter already take much of your time? On instagram there are many, many, very many people who have a vivid postcard swap account, and for people like you and me, who are busy doing more than mailing postcards, it can be overwhelming (and addicting :-) )

    By the way, watch your mailbox the next one or two weeks :-)

    1. Actually I don't spend a lot of time on Twitter (I try!). But you're right, and I don't need more exchanges. I'm afraid I have already sent all the mail that was intended for 2015... But I'm sure I'm going to send more.

      What do you mean? I always watch my mailbox carefully! ;)

    2. Great! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do :-D
      Did you ever received gotochi cards before? This is my first - those cards are heavy, aren't they?!

    3. It is my first too. You're so generous...! I had seen a lot of Gotochi cards, but they are even better *alive*. The touch is amazing.
      By the way... You did the right choice :D
      I'll upload it to the blog too.
      Thank you!