zondag 16 februari 2014

Sunday Stamps: Chinese and Taiwanese stamps

It's Sunday, so time for Sunday Stamps!

The 31th of January the Chinese New Year began - it's the Year of the Horse, now - and for this occasion Viridian choose the theme 'Chinese and Taiwanese stamps'.

Thanks to Postcrossing I received several stamps from China and Taiwan. And due to my wishlist - 'Dragons', as I was born in the Year of the Dragon - I received some beautiful Dragon postcards, too. Most of these postcards I'll show on an other occasion.

So today I'd like to share Chinese and Taiwanese stamps with you, and one from Hong Kong, from where I received a beautiful Year-of-the-Dragon card, too.
However I'll start with this backside of a (dragon!) card, which shows two great rubber stamp prints concerning Chinese New Year: The Year of the Dragon, 2012, and the previous year, the Year of the Rabbit:

Even the 'Airmail' is a stamp!
Guangxi from China made my day with sending this card, not only because of the Dragon on the front side and the friendly Happy New Year wish on this backside, but also due to the wonderful stamps, as I love rubberstamps a lot.

And of course you can see a Chinese postage stamp top right.

Secondly I'd like to share these stamps with you, which I received from Taiwan. For me, as a animation movie fan, the Finding Nemo stamp is a delight. And note: top right there's a Chinese New Year stamp, of the Year of the Dragon!

The New Year stamp above has been sticked on the card. Below you can see the same stamp, which is a little different: it has been printed on the back of a postcard:

And this is the postcard the stamp belongs to:

Concerning postcards-and-suitable-stamps, Canada has issued a 'Year of the Dragon' postcard and similar stamp. The postcard I'll show on an other occasion, as said. However, I couldn't wait to show the wonderful Year of the Dragon here!

An other beautiful Dragon postcard came from Hong Kong. With beautiful stamps, too, no dragon but a rubber / cancellation bridge stamp and an Olympic (summer games) stamp:

More stamps from Taiwan:

More stamps from China:

The stamp with the world / round probably show two of the elements (although I'm not sure: I found other stamps of this serie here, which show water (I think) and.. a tree..).

More nice bird stamps:

And architecture:

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  1. I'm received some of these stamps myself. I like a lot the ornaments (in the second picutre, and then the red one); I think they are supposed to bring good luck, aren't they?

    I have received one with the world, but I hadn't realised it represent the elements (thanks!).

    I find Chinese stamps, in general, beautiful and delicate, with well chosen colours. I have received most of them through Postcrossing and a Taiwanese penpal (who is missing right now...).

  2. Well, I am not sure whether they're representing the elements. After reading your comment I started looking on the internet, and I found two more stamps of this serie: one showing water (I think), and the other a tree!?!

  3. p.s. I'll add the link to these stamps in the blog post :-)

  4. What a wide collection you have! I have seen a few of these, but most are new to me, and very pretty.
    Thank you for joining in this week.

  5. You certainly have a wonderful collection of stamps here! I particularly like the architecture, the insects - not so much.

  6. Wow. I couldn't hope to compete with such a collection. The Hong Kong stamp for the London Olympics is superb.

  7. A beautiful collection of stamps. The Chinese (and Japanese) are so inventive with rubber-stamps. The stamps with the world on I recognise as also receiving and are a continuing series 'protecting the common homeland of mankind', the bird one is biodiversity, the brown one as you say are is an element, ore (mining)

  8. Thank you for your comments! And Joy, thank you for the information about the 'world' and bird stamp. So interesting to learn what stamps are telling us!