woensdag 19 februari 2014

In: from Switzerland

Als je veel post verstuurt, kan het vaker gebeuren dat een kaart niet aankomt. Maar geen man overboord. Zodra Postcrossing aangeeft dat een van mijn kaarten 'expired' is, probeer ik het meestal gewoon nog een keer.
Omgekeerd is het ook leuk om te merken dat mensen moeite doen voor mij. Zo ontving ik deze postcrossing kaart van Monika uit Zwitserland. Bij het registreren zag ik dat ze een heel andere kaart had geüpload, en die vond ik leuk genoeg om in mijn 'postcrossing wall' te laten staan. Maar deze vond ik ook ontzettend leuk, want zeg nu zelf, hoe vaak zien we vuurtorens op 2046 meter hoogte boven zeeniveau?!

When you send a lot of mail, the chance of not-arriving of some mail becomes higher. It's all in the game, so as soon as Postcrossing tells that a sent postcard is 'expired', I usually have a second try and send a new card.
It's nice to see that other people act similar. This way I received this postcard from Monika from Switzerland. When I registered this card, a totally different postcard appeared at my 'postcrossing wall' automatically. That one was too nice to delete. And this card is great and worth showing, too. However, at the Postcrossing wall there's no room for both of them. So I decided to post it here.
I think it special: how many times do we get the opportunity to see a lighthouse at 2046 meters above sea level?

Thank you very much, Monika!

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  1. When I started to be interested in lighthouses (at 4 y.o.?)... Well, maybe a bit later, I discovered that lighthouses aren't only fro the sea, but they exist also in lakes and... in deserts! But you never stop discovering amazing things about lighthouses. DH was skiing last week and he brought me a picture of a lighthouse in the snow ski track, in order not to lost the way... :)

    Lighthouses are far more ubiquitous than platypus!

    1. That's funny and amazing! Even in the snow... :-)
      Also I thought lighthouses to be only at the sea, so I'm learning a lot!

  2. By the way, the other card is really beautiful. I'd like to receive one of these! A lot of my sent postcards in Postcrossing have been lost lately. It's a big amount, so I'm starting to think that someone is stealing them :( I have stop by using Postcrossing for a while, it's really frustrating that postcards never arrive...

  3. Also several of my postcards has been lost (and mail to me has not arrived). I wanted to send the sender of this lighthouse a 'thank you' card, and when she mailed me her address, she added that maybe some post gnome is collecting cards. I thought it a funny idea (maybe I should draw him/her) and would love to visit this postal gnome's house to take a look :-)
    But anyway, it is sad when postcards really disappear, and a pity that you now stopped Postcrossing temporarily for this..