zaterdag 16 juni 2012

Out: to Spain

Verzonden naar Spanje, naar Eutrapèlia. Zij heeft een interessant project (hoe kom je op het idee!), namelijk "Stuur me je spiegels".
En ik had nog bijpassende 'spiegel'-postzegels, een uit eigen (oude, gulden) voorraad, de ander dankzij Postzegelsmetkorting.

Sent to Spain, to Eutrapèlia. She has an interesting project: "Send me your mirrors" (I wonder where this nice idea comes from?!).
I happened to have one mirror stamp at home, too, and thanks to an 'old-postage-stamps-selling-site' I got the other one to send.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It's a beautiful postcard! Eutrapèlia published it in her blog some days ago...

  2. Actually the idea comes fron my job ;P I wrote an article about this topic with a friend for a literature magazine. It had a very specific subject with a particular kind of mirrors analised but I wanted to know more and more about mirrors in general, I was hooked on the topic (is this one the right word?). So eventually I decided to have my own collection of mirrors, not only Catalan ones, but from around the world ^^ I never expected to meet so much interesting people.