donderdag 14 juni 2012

In: from Spain

Net als Pieter Post komt ook deze kaart uit Engeland. Creatief gemaakt van theeverpakking! Hartelijk dank, Eva!

Like Postman Pat, also this card originally comes from England. Creatively made from a tea box! Thank you very much, Eva (and Laura)!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. This tea is really good (Earl Grey is one of my favourites). But the boxes are an extra bonus... I love these tea ladies. They are so beautiful that I can't throw them away without sharing.

    I'm glad it arrived well. In fact, when I send postal objects smaller than allowed I'm afraid they could get lost in way, between the ins and outs of post machines...

  2. Have you read what it says on the box: "For us, tea is more than a drink..." I was trying not to cover it with the stamp and the address, because it's very important... ;)

    1. Yes, I've read it carefully! An important message, and true.
      Also thank you for your message on the inside! And thank you for sharing this violet lady!