zondag 21 januari 2018

Sunday Stamps: 'X' is for xylofoon, and Xerxes and Xhosa

For today's theme of Sunday Stamps, the letter 'x', I had to borrow pictures from the internet, as I didn't find stamps in my collection whose content starts with an 'x'.

The Dutch word that immediately comes into mind is the xylofoon. It sounds similar to the English xylophone. On the internet I found this French stamp, showing one:

The neXt words are similar in Dutch and many other languages:

On the internet I searched for stamps about the historical figure Xerxes (I or II). But the only one directly showing 'xerxes' was this stamp of this ant whose second name is xerxes:

Years ago I saw a nice movie (one of my favourites), located in the south of Africa, whose main character was named Xi. I thought them to speak Xhosa, but I was wrong, though the language might have some similarities (I should study on that to be sure). Despite of this, 'Xhosa', both language and people, of course offer a new chance to find stamps. And I found stamps dedicated to the Xhosa people, among them this one:

See what other stamps related to the letter 'x' mail lovers have found on and via today's Sunday Stamps!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I hope you will get these interesting stamps one day!

  2. Insect names are an excellent resource for the letter X although ants do look rather creepy at that scale. Love those Zhosa dances, a fascinating language to hear with its clicks.

  3. some nice finds, and nice to see another scientific name crop up.

  4. The Gods Must Be Crazy! Also a favourite movie of mine :)

  5. not one but three 'x' stamps, excellent finds!