donderdag 28 september 2017

Thank you for following!

Two songs came into my mind when opening my mailbox to find this pretty postcard. "If you walk away walk away (...) I will follow", a song from my teens, and "I, I follow", from more present times.

But behind it was a different meaning: a dear person is following me! On instagram, that is :-)

The postcard has been designed by Frankfurt-based typographer Harald Geisler.

On the back some beautiful stamps:

Thank you so much, Eva, for both following me and for making my days with such great mail!
(er, and I know, on my turn I should start a twitter account now...?!)

1 opmerking:

  1. I'm glad this arrived as well. And no, it is not necessary that you open any Twitter account; I think it's better to follow each other by snail mail (if that is a thing, to follow by snail mail!).

    And thanks for the songs :)