zondag 10 september 2017

Sunday stamps: 'F' is for film and fotografie

Today it is the letter 'F''s turn.

Fotografie looks and sounds a little similar to photography. Be it that in the word 'fotografie' the accent falls on the '-fie' and not on the '-to-', as I have learned that's the case with the English word 'photography'. The meaning of both words is exactly the same.
Filmmaker only differs in pronounciation of the 'a' to the 'a' in the English equivalent, filmmaker.

Heinz Sielmann was a German filmmaker and fotograaf (photographer). He created beautiful wildlife films (movies) and foto's (pictures). See some of his work via this website.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. This is an original stamp, showing the man at work, and not just the work. Now I wonder who took the photograph of the photographer ;-)

  2. A very nice stamp, and a few more Dutch words to learn.

  3. So much patience and knowledge required to bring us all these wonderful wildlife films.

  4. I am always amazed at how close photographers can get to their subject. I must try harder!

  5. Patience is what is needed, Bob. Lots and lots of patience!