zondag 5 maart 2017

Sunday stamps: Roosters, Chickens

Today's theme of Sunday Stamps is 'Roosters, or Chickens'.

I was very happy and lucky that Dutch PostNL issued a serie of ten chicken stamps two months ago:

On 28th of January 2017, the Chinese Year of the Monkey turned into the Year of the Rooster. To my surprise Dutch Post had issued a Year of the Monkey stamp sheet (in August 2016, while the Year already was half a year old).
And in November 2016 there was this announcement of the coming change of the year, by this stamp sheet:

The text under 2016 and 2017 says: "Farewell Year of the Monkey" and "Welcome Year of the Rooster".

And in the end of January 2017 the Year of the Rooster stamp sheet has been issued:

You read it well: I was not only happy, but also lucky for these issues by Dutch PostNL! What is the case? Via Instagram I learned to know stamp loving people from almost all-over the world, and various people are joining so-called 'chaincard' projects. This way you form a group of 4 to 6 (sometimes more) people, mostly around a chosen theme. Via the private, so-called 'direct message' option of Instagram you can exchange addresses. Each person starts to send a postcard, with stamps matching the chosen theme. Consequently you send the next received cards to always-the-same member of this tiny group. And after having traveled via all countries of the participants, in the end your own card returns, with stamps from all of the participating countries.

Thanks to the Year of the Rooster, and to mail companies in several countries who issued 'Year of the Rooster' stamps, many chaincards are exchanged on this theme.

I couldn't resist to participate in some of them. This way several rooster stamps have been landed in my place, which I have forwarded to the next participants. For instance, from and to Hong Kong:

From and to Japan:

From and to Korea (in real some of the dark lines are shining like gold):

From and to Singapore:

Not only Asian mail companies issued Year of the Rooster stamps. Also, for instance, Ukraine:

And here you see a Canadian and USA stamp, to which I added the Dutch one:

All of the above stamps are from other people's postcards so they just were in transit at my place (and fortunately my scanner did work :-) ). Hopefully they will arrive soon and safely to the owners.

Meanwhile the first of my own chaincards returned home! To which, besides the Dutch and Singaporean stamps, also Year of the Rooster stamps from Taiwan and Thailand have been added. And the last sender, Komimi from Taiwan, was so kind to decorate my card with a few more nice birds:

The front side of the postcard (which I chose beacuse there is a Rooster in this famous English song):

See more Rooster and/or Chicken stamps at and via today's Sunday Stamps.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, Heleen, so many stamps today. I like the Dutch chicken set, but the Korean ones are my favorites.

    1. Thank you for your comment, FinnBadger!
      I hope the Korean stamp will be added to my own card, too (and that the card won't get lost in the mail, as some cards - out of hundreds who arrive well - do).
      The Canadian, Singaporean and your French Rooster stamp belong to my most faourites (but all bird stamps are favourite to me :-) )

  2. All your Year of the Rooster stamps are lovely, but I love, love the Dutch chicken stamps!!

  3. Lovely, lovely selection with magnificent roosters. I seem to be the only one today without a Year of the Rooster' stamp.

  4. Wow! All so pretty! But I really love the one from NL, how I wish I'll be able to get a postcard even just with one of those pretty stamps with the feather design on the side.

  5. Thank you all for your enthusiast comments!

    Maria, if you send me your address (you can DM me via instagram) I will send you a postcard with one of the feathered friends stamp on it :-)