woensdag 22 maart 2017

In: from Australia

Thanks to Eva I learned about Naomi's Thousand Postcard Project.
Naomi's husband gave her thousand unused vintage postcards, dating anywhere from 1900 to 1970, and he challenged her to send every one of them out into the world. Thus she invites us all to provide her with our postal address. And here it is: Naomi's postcard to me!
Besides a kind personal message from Naomi and the fact that this is the 189th card out of 1000, the (printed) text on the back says it is a reproduction of a photo, taken in 1890 at an early Indiana state fair.

I love Australian stamps, so I am happy to see these stamps added by Naomi to her card for me.
And this nice rubber stamp print about the project:

Thank you very much, Naomi!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Mine was 171/1000.Very different postcard,but similar stamps... I'ma amazed about how expensive is to send postcards (and post, in general) from Australia!

    I will publish that postcards during the A to Z Challenge.

    1. 3 Australian dollars = 2.13 euros, the online convertor says. That is 80 eurocents more than the present Dutch rate for international mail...
      Multiplied by 1000... I think I already asked in a comment on your blog post how we could help Naomi concerning postage stamps...
      At least I have to answer by nice mail using pretty Dutch stamps (you already did from your countries, of course :-) )

    2. It is more or less the same form Spain: 1,35€. From Morocco it would be 1,40€or so.But I sent her a postcard from Spain, last week.

      I guess the postage came with the present. That is what I have said to DH,if it occurs to him bring me 1000 postcards with a challenge... Bring the stamps along! ;D