woensdag 15 maart 2017

In: from Hungary and Italy

Such a great surprise: Two musical postcards I received from two different countries on the same day from the same sender, Micu!

The singer and pianist started their journey to the Netherlands in Italy. And the Opera House is located in Budapest, Hungary.

On the back side of both cards pretty stamps: the Plebiscito Square in Napoli:

And the nagy smaragdfémdarázs, which in English is "Large Cuckoo Wasp", but literally translated it will have to to something with the bright colourful smaragd ('smaragd' also is Dutch, and means emerald). Ah, the online translator says 'large emerald metallic wasp'.
More stamps from this serie you can find here.

Thank you very much, Micu, köszönöm nagyon!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. 'fém' means metallic so actually translator was correct:D

    1. Thank you again, Micu!

      The English 'large cuckoo wasp' I found via wikipedia when typing the Latin name (from the stamp, Stilbum cyanurum), but emerald and metal seems to be more matching :-)