zondag 10 juli 2016

Sunday Stamps: the colour Red

This Sunday Stamps theme is 'the colour red'.
I thought I only had a few, but viewing the stamp through 'red glasses' learned me that there is a lot! Among them this selection.

Post-related red is the mailbox, in many countries:

from Malaysia:

from Myanmar, on a Thai stamp:

from the United Kingdom:

An old one from the Netherlands (nowadays they are orange and have two grey legs):

More post-related red you can see on these Dutch stamps, issued for the introduction of the postal code in 1978:

Red in crafts:

A rooster in cross stitch, from Belarus:

From China:

Ladies in/and red:

The famous French one:

Red blood, Dutch stamp issued to promote blood donation:

Red animals:

Beetle from Korea:

Fish from Japan:

Horses, one in red from Germany:

and two red horses, from Argentina:

And from Taiwan:

See more red in stamps at Sunday Stamps and via the links mentioned there.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely, Heleen. I always thought that Royal Mail set of postbox stamps was fantastic. And of course I love the horse stamps.

  2. Oh my word, every week I am amazed at your selections of stamps!!!
    The red post boxes are always a delight to see.
    I also like the cross stitch stamps :)
    But, there is something about that fancy tail on the N of the Nederland post box stamp that makes me smile. It is reminiscent of the really old stamps.

  3. We all love a postbox and the queen of hearts would get me donating.

  4. Postboxes! In the USA they are blue.

  5. Sorry for being so late, Fine selection - a number of which I recognise from across the world, That one from Argentina must be old.