maandag 4 juli 2016

Out: to the Netherlands

I am a big fan of the animal illustrations by Dutch illustrator Leendert Jan Vis. So when I find cards to buy and an opportunity (receivers) to send them to, I hop happily to the mailbox.
The card above I'm sending to my good old friend and music pal Frank. We used to play in the band named 'Below the Mole' and the two of us wear glasses, so I think this card very suitable.

As I am sending these moles to the city of Nijmegen, I am happy to add a matching stamp. It's a personalized one, showing the bridge over the river Waal, the photo was taken by another dear person from Nijmegen, Dutch photographer Quinta Buma.

The other card will travel to an other Dutch friend. Alas I was a little belated, but the fact that it's a mail turtle and also snails are shown, makes me laugh instead of feeling guilty. I hope this card will raise a smile on her face, too!

As she had sent me penguins before, and she and her husband love animals and like to travel, I thought this stamp matching to add on the envelope to her.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I like these illustrations too. The turtle made me smile, too :)

  2. When I'll find another copy of this card I know to whom to send it to!

    1. (I should have known, of course..)

    2. Oh, don't worry. You've sent me illustrations by this illustrator. Thay are very funny.