zaterdag 4 juni 2016

Sunday Stamps: Canines

This Sunday Stamps' theme is 'canines', which I would freely translate into 'dogs'.

I happen to have joined a 'dogs' themed chaincard project recently. Four people (including me) sent a postcard in February 2016, with stamps matching to the theme.
The four postcards made the same journey, be it that each started in a different country: from (and to) the Netherlands, Taiwan, Japan and Russia. All cards arrived home, in the four countries respectively, provided with stamps and postmarks from all countries.

I scanned the other participants' cards, too, when they passed my home. So I am happy to be able to show you the dog stamps I had in my hands for while. Hope you won't mind there are some doubles, however the combination with the other stamps and the postmarks make each stamp unique.

The first card to arrive at my place (and to be sent the next day) I received on the 3rd of March, from the Russian participant (click image to enlarge):

The Dutch stamps I added are from a ten stamp sheet, dedicated to the photography of Charlotte Dumas.

On the 26th of March the postcard arrived, which has started its journey in Japan:

The same day also the postcard from Taiwan arrived, with two Taiwanese, one Japanese and seven Russian dogs united:

All of the cards above I've forwarded, to have them finally arrive at the first senders' places.
And the 29th of April my postcard returned, with this variety of dog stamps:

(left side)
(right side)

See more canine stamps at today's Sunday Stamps blog post and by clicking the links mentioned there.

[Front side of my postcard, collage made for postcrossing years ago. Luckily for me many postcrossers don't want handmade cards, so I could keep this postcard, which finally made a long journey and now is retiring at my place.]

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Taiwan certainly provided a double dose of cuteness.

    1. Yes, and so did Japan. It makes me wonder about the overall differences in stamps - would they reflect a country's habit / preferences concerning dogs? :-)

  2. Postcards that became more entertaining as more dogs were added. The recipients must be delighted with them.

  3. How neat that you got that fun, cartoonish Taiwan pair of dogs as well!!

  4. I am not very fond of chain-postcards, but this one has turned out so great that I'm even jealous :)))

    1. I learned about stamp chaincards just last year (via instagram) and I must confess it is addicting.. And I like the idea of sharing enthusiasm for stamps and certain themes with people from faraway (for the same reason I love Sunday Stamps!).

      So now I still like chaincards, but I can imagine that at a certain point it is getting too much. It takes a lot of time, although instagram makes it easy to form a project group and to share a picture of each received and sent postcards quickly.

  5. I have never tried the chain postcard idea, but I think you seem to have excellent results, Heleen, or maybe you just share your success stories :)

    Great set of dogs today.

  6. Wow, how many dogs on stamps!
    It would be very difficult to see a dog on a Moroccan stamp, I think.