zondag 12 juni 2016

Sunday Stamps: beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Today's Sunday Stamps theme is not specified: we can choose whatever theme we'd like.

The stamps shown below I cannot file under one specific theme. However, there's one thing which unites them: they are considered 'ugly' by the senders!..

They are part of a chaincard project themed 'ugly stamps', and these cards traveled via Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and the Netherlands.
The cards shown here I've received, added stamps to, scanned to keep a digital image, and finally I forwarded the original cards to the next participant.

And as you see: 'ugly' and 'beauty' are subjective. Many of these stamps I think very beautiful, while other's consider the same stamps ugly. I really do hope to receive some of these on my own card (which still is on its journey).

Also 'ugly/beauty' can change in time.
Re-regarding my own choice of "ugly" stamps, the longer I'm watching the " parcel, @ and e" stamp, the more I think this stamp beautiful.

See what other people choose for 'free choice' on today's Sunday Stamps.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Yes it interesting how ones view of a stamp can change. An ugly stamp is not a concept I've thought of before, although the cat is a bit scary:)

  2. Some of these are certainly strange! I like many of them - like the Year of the Horse ones, for example. I think having the Dutch King paler than the background gives a weird effect, like a ghost.

  3. Some may be ugly, but there's a number that are not. Like the Year of the Horse from Indonesia on your card.

  4. Yes, I am hoping to have at least one of those Indonesian stamps on my postcard, because I like them, too. Maybe the sender thought the colours not so colourful?

    And FinnBadger, exact that is what many people think, and don't understand why the king choose this design. The international stamp is the same design, but in grey so even more creepy/ghostly!

  5. Of course it is subjective. Happily, not everyone has the same tastes :)

    For me, "ugly" stamps are usually related to the themes they show. That happens often with the Spanish stamps!

  6. I admit that I really don't like those Willem Alexander stamps (especially the grey international one, which is the only one I've received). I've thought many times of having an 'ugly/boring stamp' theme, but like you, I sometimes change my opinion after seeing a stamp so many times - and it can go either way!

    1. That - the change of opinion - will make such a theme even more interesting! :-)