zondag 3 april 2016

Sunday Stamps: Mountains

Today's Sunday Stamps theme is 'Mountains'.

In the Netherlands there aren't real mountains (the highest one is a 322 meters high hill) but fortunately elsewhere in the world there are beautiful ones.
The following mountains all happen to be covered with snow.

For instance the famous mount Olympus in Greece. As a child I loved to read mythology stories, and according to these, the ancient Greek gods and goddesses had their home on this mountain:

(See more Greek mountains on Joy's blog post of today.)

A snowy mountain in Norway:

Australian Alp in Victoria, Australia:

And simply but beautifully designed Austrian Alps from Austria:

See more beautiful mountains on beautiful stamps at and via Sunday Stamps.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I held that Australian stamp in reserve. Kijed the Norway one.

  2. You may not have any mountains in the Netherlands, but the mountains in Greece, Austria and Norway are all closer to you than our own mountains in Canada are to me in the central part of the country!

    1. I never had looked it that way so far.. Thank you for this food for thought, VioletSky!

  3. Nice to see a used version of the Olympus stamp, shown on its own the peak looks more dramatic. Great snowy stamps, I like that Norway has included mountain walkers.

  4. 322 m... you can't call that a mountain! ;-)