zondag 17 april 2016

Sunday Stamps: Mammals of the Sea

Today Sunday Stamps' theme is 'Mammals of the Sea'.

Of course it is a delight for me, as I love both animals and the colour turquoise, a colour which appears on many sea animals stamps.

Eva was so kind to send me four sea animals stamps, on three very beautifully decorated envelopes. The complete envelope and stamps you can see on Eva's post of August 2015. Of the four stamps two show sea mammals, of which I like to share this closer look.

The whale (or North Atlantic right whale to be more precise):

The seal:

Also the Dutch PostNL has issued a stamp showing a seal. The seal shown above on the Spanish stamp thrives in warmer seas, and is named the Mediterranean Monk seal, whereas the seal on the Dutch stamp is used to colder waters, and is named the common seal or harbour seal:

By the way, no turquoise in this stamp, but that matches with the usual colour of our sea, the North Sea: grey...

Years ago Dutch Post issued a stamp in honour of the 'Bruinvis' (literally 'brownfish') who in English is named the harbour porpoise.
On this stamp you can see how the number of these marine mammals has been changing since the years. After a bad period fortunately the number seems to have been increased after this stamp was issued.

Two large countries with a lot of sea are the USA and Russia.
From Russia I received this stamp of an orca:

And from the USA these two arrived on one envelope: the manatee:

And the delphin:

See more marine mammals on today's blog post on Sunday Stamps and the links mentioned there.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I like the idea behind the porpoise stamp. And I wonder why I didn't think of the 64c dolphin stamp... I just used it on an envelope!

  2. Oh, me too, now I remember I have received the seal as well...
    Beautiful stamps today, Heleen! I was sure you were going to be delighted with this topic! :)

  3. Yes the Mediterranean wins in the intensity of turquoise and is also my preference for a place to swim, happily for those of us that live by cooler seas the seals are not of the same opinion. Lovely selection of stamps.