zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

In: from Switzerland and Spain

Here's an other postman: the 'Basler Standesläufer'. The statue, probably made around the year 1500, is located in the courtyard of the City Hall of the Swiss city of Basel.
The story about this messenger, courier, is rather sad. This figure pictured is generally associated with the Basel messenger, who, during the Battle of Saint Jakob an der Birs on the 26th of August 1444, delivered the terrible news to the Council of Basel about the approach of the dreaded Armagnacs.
After delivering the courier is said to have collapsed and died of exhaustion...
By the way, a similar thing happened about 2000 years before this occasion.

Sent from Spain by Eva. Thank you very much, Eva!

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  1. Even if it is a sad story, I still like the postcard: a brave mailman!
    Thanks for posting!
    (The landscape on the stamp would do for the Sunday Stamps theme...).