zaterdag 24 oktober 2015

In: from Morocco

Traffic signs and things like that always fascinate me. So I was very pleased to receive this great postcard from Morocco, sent by Eva.

Not only a very original postcard and a beauty for the eye, but this postcard contains also an easy way to exercise some characters from the Arab alphabet (for the non-Arab speakers: don't forget to read from right to left).

On the back there was a new (to me) stamp, showing a sea animal:

Tiny (only 18 x 24 millimetres!) and beautiful. This one must be from a great serie of sea animals, as Eva had sent me two other stamps, too:

(The mail these two have been sticked to, I will post soon in the animals mail art blog).

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm glad it arrived. But... is it a bit damaged, isn't it?

  2. Yes, it seems like someone was hungry and had a little bite...

    Or otherwise, maybe the postal worker tried to fit the card into the common 10x15 cms rectangle shape and then suddenly realized that there would be two sad people* if he would go on... (*the sender and the receiver)

    To be short, I noticed the bite out of it and it immediately was food for my imagination! :-)
    Thank you for asking!